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Hogwarts Elite [02 Jan 2007|02:57am]


Let the Sorting Hat place you into one of Hogwart's Houses, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. This is a community for the Harry Potter elite, where you can compete for the House Cup through discussion, graphics, fanfiction, trivia, art and MORE!

If you're a serious Harry Potter fan, you should certainly consider applying! sorting_elite is the sorting community. Come on over!
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[11 Aug 2006|12:27am]

anyone have myspace?
wanna help me win a game?

haha go to this myspace & add it.

go to the pictures and under this picture

and put "she refferred me"


leave a comment here & tell me ya did
and i'll give ya something <3

thanks so much guys.
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[04 Dec 2005|11:44pm]
Please remove me from this community.
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[18 Aug 2005|12:19pm]

please try my online shop... it's not finished and there's a lot of stock left to put on it but if you add your name to the newsletter list you will recieve an e-mail once new stock has arrived/been put on there.
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new eLJay community [03 Jun 2005|03:08am]



heyyy! i just made a new community so i need some people to join to get it started!! =D so it would be awesome if whoever on here wants to join would go apply!! the more people the more the fun ^.^ SOO GOO JOINN PLEASEEE <3333

queer_x_love queer_x_love
queer_x_love queer_x_love
queer_x_love queer_x_love
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[30 May 2005|11:32pm]

[ mood | fellin good! ]


 so what is everyone gonna be doin this summer??

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Legitimate FREE stuff sites! [26 May 2005|07:30pm]

Check out these great sites that are giving away totally FREE stuff!

I've joined and I think you should as well.

They are completely legitimate offers, and this company has already given away $8 million in FREE stuff and over 16,000 FREE ipods shipped!

All you have to do is join, complete an online offer, and refer friends to do the same. That's it!

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Would You...? [25 May 2005|09:22pm]

[ mood | stressful life is ]

I know I am putting myself on a edge by asking this, but I am wondering so that I can know if it is worth my time. I am a struggling Christian that is not doing well in my walk right now, and I am wanting to get back onto my feet. When I was strong in my faith, I would copy these "E-mails from God" from a book I had and type them so that I would think fo them all day. I was wondering that if I wanted to create a community with this, who would join or if it would be worth it. Would you join or participate? I know that not everyone here is going to believe what I believe, but I wanted to ask anyways! Please don't judge if you don't believe cuz I don't judge anyone.

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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! [19 May 2005|09:30am]
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[15 May 2005|01:42am]


Colorbar_lovers is love
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Bye Bye [13 May 2005|09:28am]

[ mood | sadness sucks ]

I just wanted to leave one more post before I head on my trip to Texas. I will miss all my friends on here and hearing all your comments for like a week or so. I will have my computer down there so you won't have to miss me to bad ...Just Kidding! I hope you all have a great week that I am not on here, and have a good day today! C ya For now!

image hosting by http://www.freeimagehome.com/

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Please Join [09 May 2005|08:14pm]

My friend started a community kind of like this one, I was wondering if some of you would like to join to make the community more active. Trust me, you'll injoy it, thanks!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[08 May 2005|09:58am]

[ mood | Mom's Day! ]

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

image hosting by http://www.freeimagehome.com/

For all you mothers in the world that we can appreciate and love. May all my friend's mothers, and mothers of my friends have a great awesome day! And to my mom ... ya the best!
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[06 May 2005|11:17am]

[ mood | why is this world so crazy? ]

Ga. Woman Found, Reportedly Got Cold Feet

By MARY PEREA, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 18 minutes ago

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - A Georgia bride-to-be who vanished just days before her wedding turned up in New Mexico and fabricated a tale of abduction before admitting Saturday that she had gotten cold feet and "needed some time alone," police said.

Jennifer Wilbanks, 32, was in police custody more than 1,420 miles from her home on what was supposed to be her wedding day.
more runaway bride..Collapse )

Gotta love the way people act today, don't ya?!

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random things that happended.... [05 May 2005|08:16am]

[ mood | bored ]

hey everyone so how r u all doing?? not much going on here prom is commming up who all is gonna be going im not cuz of our prom dont allow freshmen to go so yea that kinda sux so yep i deal with it tho. onli like 2 months till skool is out i cant wait! um on the highway there was a accident where a semi ran across the median and crashed into sum cars and one blew up and 2 ppl died i think im glad taht i didnt know ne one in that, so the highway got shut down for a while n when my mom was driving home we were looking for wehre it happend cuz it all got cleared n then my breath jsut stopped n i looked at the ground and it was all a dark black n that was were it happend it was so weird but yea so i got my permit like a week ago so im driving so ppl in or around waterford look out lol n thats it for now cuz i gotta go to class bye.

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Crazy Things ... [29 Apr 2005|07:37pm]

[ mood | Welcome To My Life ]

Want to know some crazy secrets? This is to cool, and shows you how many things people hide from the world!

Deepest, Dark Secrets

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[28 Apr 2005|10:19pm]

Please let me know if this is allowed or not, if not, feel free to delete it.

Hello everyone, Kiara, my dog, is in a contest. :-)
The contest is at www.pethop.com and it ends on the 30th.
The $100 in prize goes to the shelter of choice. My shelter of choice, where Kiara came from, is in a LARGE need of money. They're roofs and kennels are still damaged from the hurricanes in Florida last year. We've donated a bunch of old toys, cat litter, old blankets and beds, treats, foods, ect many times.. but this sum of money would help them greatly.
The winner also gets $100 for themselves, which I DON'T need and will be giving half, if not all of my winnings to the same shelter. Any money that I keep will more than likely be going to my dogs as I rarely spend money on myself.
To vote, you'll need to register for www.pethop.com
Registering is very easy, although you may have to wait a bit for a confirmation (It only took a few seconds for mine when I registered)

After you've registered and confirmed, go to Kiara's page located here:

A link will appear under her photo that says:
- Vote Kiara for contest PetHop.com Dog Homepage Contest -
It may be hard to see so you may have to move your cursor around under her picture for it to appear. Click on it and it will ask you to confirm your vote.

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this and/or to vote. I really appreciate it and if we win i'm sure the Humane Society will as well. :-)

-Kay & Kiara (____frailwit)

(I am relaying this message for her)
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Let Me Know What You Think .. . [22 Apr 2005|12:43pm]

[ mood | what do people think? ]

This is a photo of one of my favorite photographers that I finally got on here, let me know what you think, wanting to make a portfolio of what peoples opinions are!

image hosting by http://www.freeimagehome.com/

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[21 Apr 2005|04:28pm]

k so what does everyone want to talk bout??
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25 Things Women Wish Men Would Figure Out [15 Apr 2005|09:19am]

[ mood | funny stuff here! ]

  1. Saying "I love you" before, during or after sex doesn't count.
  2. When we ask you how we look, "fine" is not an appropriate answer.
  3. We obsess over whether you'll call from the moment we give you our number.
  4. We fantasize. But it's usually about you.
  5. We love it when you email us at work.
    more things to knowCollapse )

    Welp ... that would be interesting stuff right there! lol
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