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Hogwarts Elite

Let the Sorting Hat place you into one of Hogwart's Houses, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. This is a community for the Harry Potter elite, where you can compete for the House Cup through discussion, graphics, fanfiction, trivia, art and MORE!

If you're a serious Harry Potter fan, you should certainly consider applying! sorting_elite is the sorting community. Come on over!

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Sad...Behind The Smile

Would You...?

I know I am putting myself on a edge by asking this, but I am wondering so that I can know if it is worth my time. I am a struggling Christian that is not doing well in my walk right now, and I am wanting to get back onto my feet. When I was strong in my faith, I would copy these "E-mails from God" from a book I had and type them so that I would think fo them all day. I was wondering that if I wanted to create a community with this, who would join or if it would be worth it. Would you join or participate? I know that not everyone here is going to believe what I believe, but I wanted to ask anyways! Please don't judge if you don't believe cuz I don't judge anyone.
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