Samantha <3 <3 (lostmyplace64) wrote in ___eversohot,
Samantha <3 <3

interested in being co-mod..

well yah cant write on that so ill write it down here::

Name: Samantha
Age: 15
Location: Florida

Views on drugs: i dont do them personally, but have friends who do, and really its just a personal decision. i'd prefer if people didn't though because i've seen what they do to people's lives.
Views on gays: i say let them love who they want, who are we to judge a guy for liking a guy, or a girl liking a girl. its not affecting us anyway so i say let them marry
Views on enviroment: i think that the enviroment is a very special thing but nobody cares about it anymore and just litters and pretty soon the world will just be a landfill.

Fav Bands:: Not really a band but, G-UNIT! um MCR, SOTY, SP
Fav Color:: hot pink <3
Fav Shows:: The OC, when it was on Simple Life, when it was on Laguna Beach, Real World, The Inferno
Fav Books:: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Fuck-Ups

If You Could Be Anyone Who Would You Be?:: I'd have to say I'd stay with being me b/c i love my life and my friends and boyfriend so yeah..prlly not the type of answer u were looking for but its  the truth
What Kind Of Personality Do You Have?: very open-minded, free-spirited type person. very nice and easy to get along with. and im very
What Are Some Hobbies You Enjoy?:: shopppping<33, hanging with my friends, being in plays, going to local shows, going to movies, dancing

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