Ever so hot?

Name : Talia
Age: Rather not say but above 16
Location : NY

View on drugs : I am not intrested however i dont look down on ppl who use.
Views on gays : I accept, my aunt is lesbien i am fine with it.
Views on enviornment : ?

Fav bands: I dont have a favorite band. I listen to a broad range of music types. Basically everything but heavy metal and rap im cool with. I can even tolerate country!
Favorite color : Pink i must say
Favorite show: Desperate housewives... or americas next top model (dont judge till u see it its addicting!)
Favorite books : She's come undone, The catcher in the rye.

If you could be anyone who would it be : hmmm i have a few, kate hudson, leAnn rimes, Nicole richie,Julia Roberts, or Reese Witherspoon.
What kind of personality do you have: I am humorous, incredibly self consious , perfectionist , easy going, i dont kno lol

Hobbies: I loveeeee art of anykind, i love fashion and interior design, i love my friends and value time with them.

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(in this one i am the short blonde one)