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i hate the rain


Name: Vickie Alice Sayah
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: California
Status:[If taken we would like to see a picture] single, but i would like to go out with him:


+10 bands: my chemical romance, the used, straylight run, hawthorne heights, taking back sunday, the get up kids, brand new, letters kill, kottonmouth kings, dido
+10 bands you hate: good charlotte, simple plan, iggy pop... uhmm i can't really think of any other one
+5 movies: texas chainsaw masacre, the ring, white noise, rocky horror picture show, the notebook
+3 books: harry potter (12345), blue is for nightmares, sweetblood, girl, 15, charming but insane
Favorite clothing: dickies, my jeans that i got from rampage that i sewed really tightly, my black sweater, my cphs hoodie
Clothing you hate: pants that people put hairbands on the bottom of it to make it ruffle and sweats.

Likes: randomness, harry potter, MCR, computer, skateboarding, taking pictures, animals, writing parodies, hanging out with friends, getting phonecalls, getting out of the house, moshpitting, flirting, family guy, spending time alone when i need it...
Dislikes: liars, cheaters, people who think that i'm stupid, people who act like everything is ok, stereotypes, snitches
Colors: purple, black and purple, black, blue
Word to say: LAME! that's my favorite word because my friend and i always say it when we disagree with something. :)
Candy: twix, starburst, gum (orbit brand)


Why should we accept you? this community should accept me becuase i really love communities and i participate in them a lot. also, i think everyone is emo sometimes and i don't just say i am becuase of the stereotype. i understand the real meaning of emotional music and i hate it when people make fun of me becuase of it, but i don't care.
What will you do to make this community better? i will promote all the time and i will participate in this community all the time. i promise.
Tell us somthing interesting about yourself: i'm half mexican and half turkish. aside from that, i'm also jewish. i can speak spanish fluently, but since i look really white, i can tell whenever someone is talking about me in spanish. i think that's really cool.
What do you think of the MOD? the mod looks really gorgeous in her pictures. i especially like her piercing on her lip. when i'm older i might get one like that.
Define your style? i hate it when people say that they're "emo" and then the next second they say they're "punk" or "goth". i've had this lifestyle since i was 13 and every single time someone makes fun of me becuase of it, i ignore them. my style is laidback and i don't care what people say.

::This or That::

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick
Big or Small: small
Poka dots or Stripes: poka dots
Norma Jean or Blood Brothers: norma jeans
Local Shows or Concerts: local shows
Stars or Hearts: both
Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke: mountain dew!
Starburts or Twizzlers: starbursts
Photography or Drawing: photography
Pink or Green: both

::Do you::

Smoke: not cigarettes
Drink: every now and then
Use Drugs: nothing man-made


Emo: i love being emotional so i love the "emo" lifestyle so to speak. emotional charged punk rock is the best type of music there is. despite what those metal heads say.
Drug abuse: i'm ok with smoking weed, but when others start with all that addicting man-made stuff, then i'm out. drug abuse is such a horrible way to go.
Suicide: it's a stupid stupid thing to attempt or even achieve. you may think your body is yours but it is g0d's. i would never hurt my body in any way like that, becuase it really isn't mine. no one should, either.


3 Promotion links: http://www.livejournal.com/community/moshpit_layouts/
Where did you hear about us? from the livejournal search engine
Make us laugh!

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