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i hate the rain

: :Basics: :

Name: Agape “Kat” Georgiadis
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: Tampa, Florida
Status:[If taken we would like to see a picture] single

: :Favorites: :

+10 bands: the used, my chemical romance, cold, underoath, hawthorne heights, brand new, funeral for a friend, head automatica, poison the well, coheed & cambria
+10 bands you hate: im sorry, the only band that I hate really is creed.
+5 movies: sleepy hollow, the secret window, hide and seek, spiderman, spiderman2
+3 books: blood and chocolate, we got to get out of this place, white oleander
Favorite clothing: my converse (I always feel protected in them)
Clothing you hate: gangster baggy jeans (where’s the butt?)

Likes: bass guitars, gum, photography, lyrics, stars, hearts, kissing
Dislikes: egotistical guys, bratty girls
Colors: red, black, pink, neon colors, yellow, green
Word to say: im sorry/are you okay?
Candy: m&m’s

: : Extras: :

Why should we accept you? I think you should accept me because I have a really nice personality, can’t be anyone but me, and believe everyone should be given a chance.
What will you do to make this community better? Anything in my power. I’ll give my opinion about anything, and even if it isn’t good enough, at least I tried.
Tell us something interesting about yourself: im never good at these, I have a very open personality. I never judge a book by it’s cover. I’m not afraid to try anything new. Sometimes I can be shy and afraid or scared of the future or what’s going to happen next. My music gets me through anything and will never leave me in my time of need, just like I would never leave someone in their time of need.
What do you think of the MOD? Judging by the small amount of journal entries that she has on her personal journals, I’d say that she’s very independent, doesn’t care what people think about and in pain English: kicks ass!
Define your style? My style is unique. I don’t were a certain type of wardrobe. I wear anything that feels comfortable, shows my personality, and makes me feel like its okay to be me.

: :This or That: :

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick
Big or Small: Small
Polka dots or Stripes: Polka dots
Norma Jean or Blood Brothers: Blood Brothers
Local Shows or Concerts: Concerts
Stars or Hearts: Hearts
Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke: DP
Starburts or Twizzlers: Twizzlers
Photography or Drawing: Photography
Pink or Green: greeny

: :Do you: :

Smoke: no
Drink: little (yes)
Use Drugs: no

: :Opinions: :

Hardcore Punk music with sensitive and emotional lyrics. Emotional lyrics about sadness, love and even anger.
Drug abuse: this hits a personal level for me. My brother has schizophrenia from drug abuse. This means he has his own world and no matter how much you tell him he’s wrong, he won’t believe you. I love my brother, no matter what happens I always will. I am not for drug abuse because I would never want someone’s loved ones to go through what my dad and I go through, the agony of knowing that I will never matter to my brother, the only brother I have left. I believe in making your own choices but before you go and abuse drugs, remember your loved ones.
Suicide: im neutral when it comes to this subject. I believe there is always something better than killing yourself. No matter what you believe, someone will mourn your death and be left without you. There might be many reasons to die, but there is always a reason to live.

: :Ending: :

3 Promotion






Where did you hear about us? Searched my livejournal info (keyword: emo boys)
Make us laugh!

~sexy chick!
: :Pictures: :
Post 3 or more pictures:

~ picture of me.

~picture of my car  

~picture of my favorite band

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