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I hate the rain..

: ♥ :Basics: ♥ :

Status:[If taken we would like to see a picture]Single. :-(

: ♥ :Favorites: ♥ :

+10 bands:
The Used.
Taking Back Sunday.
Boys Night Out.
Bright Eyes.
Tenacious D!!
Death Cab For Cutie.
Dashboard Confessional.
My Chemical Romance.
+10 bands you hate:I don't know of any bands I hate because I don't listen to bands I hate. :-)
+5 movies:
Mean Girls.
White Oleander.
Pulp Fiction.
Not Another Teen Movie.
Girl Interrupted.
Office Space.
Dude where's my car?.
American Beauty.
+3 books:I don't really read much, sorry. :-\
Favorite clothing:Anything from Delia's or Pacsun.
Clothing you hate:Unneccesarily HUGE pants.

Likes:Dancing, Singing, Acting, Going online, Updating my MYSPACE, Talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, Ramen soup, Cheez-itz, my digital camera, boys, smiling, giggling, sleeping, The fall, love, People who are not robots.
Dislikes:Evil people, embaressment, insecurities, hatred, being scared, the dark, ghosts, being alone.
Colors:hott pink, lime green, bright funky colors <3
Word to say:GOSH!
Candy:Reese's Peanutbutter cups.

: ♥ :Extras: ♥ :

Why should we accept you?Because I would just make this community that much more awesome. :-)
What will you do to make this community better?Be in it. hah, no I'm just kidding, I will just try to bring a positive attitude to it and promote in my profile.
Tell us somthing interesting about yourself:I think I am a skitzo with bipolar.
What do you think of the MOD?wow awesome wow awesome wow. 8-) :-P
Define your style?my style is whatever I want it to be, It usually fits my mood. I adore the Eighty's so I love leg warmers and side pony tails. I just love cute bright and funky accessories.

: ♥ :This or That: ♥ :

Lipstick or Chapstick:Chapstick deffinatly.
Big or Small:Are we talking about Penis sizes?!?!:-O
Poka dots or Stripes:Polka Dots <33
Norma Jean or Blood Brothers:Blood Brothers
Local Shows or Concerts:Local Shows!
Stars or Hearts:Eek, I love them both, but Stars.
Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke:Dr. Pepper all the way.
Starburts or Twizzlers:Mmm both! but, starbursts.
Photography or Drawing:Photography.
Pink or GreenPink.

: ♥ :Do you: ♥ :

Drink:On occasion.
Use Drugs:No.

: ♥ :Opinions: ♥ :

Emo:Labels belong on canned foods, not human on beings! hah, what is there to say about being emo? It's just a way you are I suppose. I think emo people are very aware of the world and that is why they become upset so often, the people in this fake reality can just be so horrible to one another that it is sickening.
Drug abuse:It is sad to see people's lives going to waste on something they think will make them happy. Drugs are a fake happiness and sometimes people can't see that. They mistake the fantasy for a reality and continue doing drugs to get that high.
Suicide:I believe you have to be strong to commit suicide, but weak to want to in the first place. I think about it a lot, but I don't believe I would ever do it.

: ♥ :Ending: ♥ :

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Where did you hear about us? Miss FadesxTo Grayxxx :-P
Make us laugh!

: ♥ :Pictures: ♥ :
Post 3 or more pictures:

Sorry if the application sucked, it's 5 in the morning and I am rather sleepy.
Kaythanksdarlings. <3


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