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Am I emo lyke whoa??

: ♥ :Basics: ♥ :
 Name:Marco Aurelio Vinci II
Sex: Male Location: Peabody Mass
Status: single
: ♥ :Favorites: ♥ :
+10 bands:"in alphabetical order" alkaline trio, atreyu, bright eyes, buzzcocks, coheed and cambria, my chemical romance, queen, ramones, rufio, saves the day, something corporate, taking back sunday, tsunami bomb
+10 bands you hate: good charlotte, simple plan, maroon 5, "new" greenday, mest, ashlee simpson, a.f.i., blood hound gang, insane clown posse, POD
+5 movies: Mall rats, chasing amy, thirteen, monty python and the holy grail, lord of the rings, office space
+3 books: That was then this is now, rumble fish, the outsiders- its all about s.e. hinton
Favorite clothing: umm... independent, usualy black or dark colors.
Clothing you hate: aeropostale or american eagle
Likes: dance revolution, mall ratting, brown sugar pop tarts, long hair, emo girls, playing guitar, halo 2, hair dye, anime,
Dislikes: mtv, pop culture, country music, i pods "never get one", hypocrites, jocks, the place i live
Colors: blue, black, purple
Word to say: foogle "made that one up", attempt to talk embonics to laugh at myeself, lol, and wicked
Candy: skittles, sour patch kids
: ♥ :Extras: ♥ :
Why should we accept you? because i need some ppl to talk to and we have stuff in common so thats a good basis to start on
What will you do to make this community better? advertise and use my good word to represent. never make it look like were loosers.
Tell us somthing interesting about yourself: i am a master at dance dance revolution
What do you think of the MOD? her emo picture is hot
Define your style? i would hate to say skaterboy cuz i dont skate.. and goth isnt right but its sorta a mix between those, even though you cant actualy call someone a goth cuz goth is a religon but ppl call it a style
: ♥ :This or That: ♥ :
Lipstick or Chapstick:  chapstick
Big or Small: small
Poka dots or Stripes: stripes
Norma Jean or Blood Brothers: i dont know who either of them are
Local Shows or Concerts: local shows
Stars or Hearts: hearts
Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke: dr pepper
Starburts or Twizzlers:  starburst
Photography or Drawing: drawing even though im not that good
Pink or Green: pink
: ♥ :Do you: ♥ :
Smoke: Drink: ill only drink if im around alcohol
Use Drugs: no
: ♥ :Opinions: ♥ :
Emo: emo is the most underated thing in the world... too little know that its short for emotional. when people hear the word emo they think of someone being a wussy or a looser. so not ture
Drug abuse: drugs are apart of life and some are naturaly made, if you want to do drugs do it in the privacy of your own home
Suicide: touchy subject, ive been close to it a few times, i realy wished i could die at times.
: ♥ :Ending: ♥ :
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Where did you hear about us? i have a friend from ___emo_as_fuck whos info i read and found you
Make us laugh!
: ♥ :Pictures: ♥ :
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sry my first 2 are kind old
this ones from a few months ago
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