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: ♥ :Basics: ♥ :

Name: katherine aka katie
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: craphio. (ohio)

: ♥ :Favorites: ♥ :

+10 bands: matchbook romance, dashboard confessional, finch, my chemical romance, taking back sunday, something corperate, the used, ben folds five, death cab for cutie, coheed and cambria, the used, story of the year, fall out boy, etc.
+10 bands you hate: slip knot,good charlotte,dixie chicks,eminem,britney spears,backstreet boys (haha) just obnoxious pop singers and other scary heavy metal head banger bands..
+5 movies: the notebook (big surprise),saving silverman,my best friends wedding,old school,donnie darko
+3 books:the notebook,(yeah..obsessed) sloppy firsts, second helpings
Favorite clothing: anything.
Clothing you hate:extremely gothic.

Likes: song writting,romance,friends,summer,etc
Dislikes: DISHONESTY. bullies(?) umm, school
Colors: black, pink, blue
Word to say: fucktard
Candy: hmm anythiing chocolate

: ♥ :Extras: ♥ :

Why should we accept you? hm, idk, cuz im slightly insane. and its not nice to be mean to insane people.
What will you do to make this community better? adding my thoughts and lyrics will greatly help the world.
Tell us somthing interesting about yourself: im one of a kind.
What do you think of the MOD? hmm its uh awesome. (ok dont freak out but im new to joining communities and i dont know all this lingo)
Define your style? dont-give-a-damn-about-my-reputation.

: ♥ :This or That: ♥ :

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick
Big or Small: big
Poka dots or Stripes: polka dots
Norma Jean or Blood Brothers: blood borthers
Local Shows or Concerts: both
Stars or Hearts: stars
Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke: dr.pepper
Starburts or Twizzlers: starbursts
Photography or Drawing: photography
Pink or Green: pink

: ♥ :Do you: ♥ :

Smoke: occasionally
Drink: occasionally
Use Drugs: nope

: ♥ :Opinions: ♥ :

Emo: cha ching
Drug abuse: gack. no.
Suicide: its a permanent solution to a non permanent problem.

: ♥ :Ending: ♥ :

3 Promotion links: (?)
Where did you hear about us? promotion
Make us laugh! your grandpa wears old people diapers.

: ♥ :Pictures: ♥ :
Post 3 or more pictures: im still trying to figure out how to do that.

ps. sorry im so confused on all this high tech stuff haha, if no ones too busy and youd like to help out those less fortunate than you, id gladly take in your advice. thanks!
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i feel like a dope. the fact that one of my best friends (of 5.5 yrs) is not talking to me, probably not even thinking of me, and all i can do is think about how stupid it is that she's not talking to me..i just get this empty feeling in my stomach. it makes me sick.

maybe i just need some new friends...
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