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___emoxfuck's Journal

The way she said "LA"
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emoxfuck is a rating community, basically when you join you will be rated on you're opinions, musical taste, and lastly looks. No one will be cast aside because of their looks. Have a great time. Be active. And blah blah blah.

Name: Stephy
Age: Sixteen
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
LJ: __sundaybest
Email: sharpee@gmail.com

I am still looking for one more MOD and a CO-MOD for this community so please either send me an email with your information and why you'd make a good mod or co-mod or post in the community.

Sister Communities


[1] do not post until you have been voted on and accepted.

[2] all applicants must put their applications and photos under an LJ cut

[3] the LJ cut must read "don't make it look so pretty burning" just so I know you read the rules :)

[4] all accepted members when you are posting photos or long entries please put them under an LJ cut as well

[5] accepted members, when voting on applications please be as harsh and honest as possible, it's only fair

[6] do not base you're answer on the applicants looks, that's discrimination!

[7] ALL promotions must be made HERE and no where else.

And that is all for now as I absolutely hate writing up rules :)

Please when applying bold all the questions and remember to put you're pictures and applications under an LJ cut * read the rules *

Promotion Banners

Accepted/Rejected Banners