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So I went to the last day of warped...

here's what went down.. we waited 4 fucking hours in godamn traffic ahh it sucked... there was a ton of mud everywhere cuase i was in North Hampton Mass.. which basically means in the middle of a fucking farm.. but I got to see alot of good bands like emery, boys night out, hopesfall, thrice, senses fail, reggie and the full effect, motion city soundtrack, over it, my american heart, greeley estates, a thorn for every heart, bleed the dream, thrice,matchbook romance.. and others...

they should have had these bands..

blood for blood,blood brothers, le tigre, dead poetic, SOTHEYSAY, jupiter sunrise , days away, june, a true story motionless in white..and others

But over all it was fun here a pics~!~!

i didnt get pictures of bands cuase uhh.. i didnt want to loose my cell phone in the pit

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yeah this community is gonna close down next friday unless people start updating, promoting, etc.

i think if we could get like, 5 new members that will STAY active, then i'll keep it open.


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I took picture like right now. though I'd post them. My hair is as in the pictures. I'm still thinking of cutting it. Maybe go with the red highlight, but everyone has them. to think I was on of thee first people with them. I was the only one. I think I'll go black hair with just plain highlights. Enogh about my hair, here are the pictures.

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