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♥♥ would you like to dance?

o. x [or should i just leave.]

tight shirts and black nail polish.
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We are Hot.

Welcome to another rating community for cute boys with lip rings and black hair. Are you cool enough for this? Try out and see.

[o1] when your applying, fill out the entire application. if you don't do this, you won't be accepted.
[o2] don't fight with other members. we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
[o3] use an ljcut for your entire application. if you don't know how to do this, look it up in the faq area of livejournal.
[o4] don't comment until your accepted. kthanks.
[o5] type "love is just an excuse to get hurt" in the subject line. so we know you read the rules.
[o6] please be active. failure to vote//post//comment will result in being kicked out. we want our community to be active.
[o7] If you want to advertise your own communities and such in here, make sure you're accepted, and please use an lj-cut for your banner//whatever. and make sure you type in the subject line "promotion" or something so we know your promoting another community. and only 1 promotion per week.
[o8] i don't want to see your nudes. so don't post them.
[o9] if you get rejected; try again in 1 week with new pictures. if you get rejected again, we don't want you.
[1o] have fun. add add the mod's journals if you want. if your cool enough ;]

oo1; ( name//location )
oo2; ( age )
oo3; ( promote us. and show the proof. )
oo4; ( amuse me )
oo5; ( describe yourself )
oo6; ( ten bands )
oo7; ( five movies )
oo8; ( three pictures )
oo9; ( one picture that says; [your user name] is oh-so-emo; so we know it's you. )
o1o; ( one picture of one of the most important things in your life )


[Name] Stephanie "with ph"
[aim] rrradioedit

[Name] Stef; yes. there are two stephanies.
[msn] stef_n61@hotmail