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love is just an excuse to get hurt.

oo1; ( name//location ) nabii, sydney australia.
oo2; ( age ) 16. 17 in august.
oo3; ( promote us. and show the proof. )
oo4; ( amuse me ) hm. i'm not all too amusing. would it amuse you if i told you my friends and i play this game called "stalk the emo" where we find emo boys in the city and stalk them? yes, that's how much we love those emo boys.
oo5; ( describe yourself ) well, i absoloutely love music. emo bands in particular, 60s/70s/80s rock and 70s punk. i play bass and i'm in two bands. i want to be a film director when i'm older. i love sydney. i like wearing black. taking back sunday concerts are the greatest things in existence.
oo6; ( ten bands ) fall out boy. taking back sunday. alkaline trio. atreyu. story of the year. the used. my chemical romance. blink-182. dashboard confessional. armour for sleep. sex pistols. ramones. the clash. the beatles. the rolling stones. that may have been more than ten.
oo7; ( five movies ) kill bill volume 1 and 2. pulp fiction. pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl. donnie darko. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
oo8; ( three pictures )
oo9; ( one picture that says; [your user name] is oh-so-emo; so we know it's you. )
o1o; ( one picture of one of the most important things in your life ) iTunes, baby.

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