MYtearsBURN (my_tears_burn) wrote in ___emoboys,

love is just an excuse to get hurt

oo1; ( name//location )Steve//Cocoa Beach, Florida
oo2; ( age )17
oo3; ( promote us. and show the proof. )my_tears_burn
oo4; ( amuse me )Image hosted by
oo5; ( describe yourself )Im in an emo band IF BEAUTY FAILS, i play guitar and sing, i write poetry and draw tattoo's in my spare time(school) im in 10th grade.i dont have my licence or permit.i dont have a job, but i have the greatest girlfriend ever...well to me.
oo6; ( ten bands )atreyu,FATA,silverstein,underoath,from first to last,fall out boy,hellogoodbye,matchbook romance,emery,amborlin
oo7; ( five movies )the notebook,domino,the grudge,saw,full metal alchemist
oo8; ( three pictures )Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
oo9; ( one picture that says; [your user name] is oh-so-emo; so we know it's you. )Image hosted by
o1o; ( one picture of one of the most important things in your life )Image hosted by

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