hey look no eljay for sarah (you_is_awesome) wrote in ___emo__help_,
hey look no eljay for sarah

okay well, i'm going to get this thing going.

i dont have a current situation so im going to post my friends, but not use her name because she might see this, however computer retarded she is.

cathy likes a boy named chad. she's been obsessed with him for the entire school year, from august to now. she loves everything about him. but theres one catch.

he can't stand her.

he wont ever talk to her and he always goes on about how he hates her because she's mean and conceited and rude. she's been trying and trying, but she cant get him to talk to her.


any suggestions?


this is how this is gonna work. even though im sure its implied.

post your reply as a comment. if you are giving advice put the subject of the comment as "help for you."

if you are posting something negative get out of this community.

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