hey look no eljay for sarah (you_is_awesome) wrote in ___emo__help_,
hey look no eljay for sarah

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okay, this isnt really a dilemma, but i did this and now i feel really bad. no matter how trivial it is.

i saw the community meanandscene and wondered if they were kidding. looked at the info to see only 11 members and a sign that said first 20 auto accepted. so i joined. i did the application and promoted and everything.

all they want people to do is be dicks to each other. and this is like why i started emo help. so people would stop being dicks. i posted the app then realized i'm turning into what i hate.

so heres my question - quit the community, be nice to the applicants, or just wreak plain havoc in the community until i'm booted?


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