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Just stay with me, lay with me now. [entries|friends|calendar]
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[8. 4. 05 // @ 12 : 27 pm]

oh, oh, the meanandscene girl, the mod? She's friends with a friend of a friend. 0_0 if you followed that.

anyway, I got a kick outta that. I was like, "...OMG, IT'S THE MEANANDSCENE BITCH!"

..eh-hem...-cough- we now return to our regularly scheduled lack of activity in this community.

[7. 27. 05 // @ 11 : 19 pm]


[6. 18. 05 // @ 5 : 25 pm]

i'm leaving for two weeks tomorrow. please dont let it die guys.

[6. 10. 05 // @ 7 : 39 pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

No problamo.

Leeanne <&


dang i post a lot [6. 10. 05 // @ 6 : 07 pm]

something everyone needs to read.

__few things Collapse )


[6. 10. 05 // @ 5 : 30 pm]

okay, this isnt really a dilemma, but i did this and now i feel really bad. no matter how trivial it is.

i saw the community meanandscene and wondered if they were kidding. looked at the info to see only 11 members and a sign that said first 20 auto accepted. so i joined. i did the application and promoted and everything.

all they want people to do is be dicks to each other. and this is like why i started emo help. so people would stop being dicks. i posted the app then realized i'm turning into what i hate.

so heres my question - quit the community, be nice to the applicants, or just wreak plain havoc in the community until i'm booted?



[6. 9. 05 // @ 11 : 52 am]

[ mood | creative ]

Don't call my name out your window, I'm leaving.Collapse )


[6. 8. 05 // @ 11 : 01 pm]

Ugh, boys are evil.

I really need to vent, and I can't do it on my personal journal, or to any of my friends because they're too absorbed with their own problems. I love knowing that people in this community will read, and sympathize, and offer support and advice. You're the best.

This is kinda long, and I'm not sure how to do cuts. So I might get it behind one, I might not. Please don't kill me if I don't.

So on April 1st, I met this guy. He's wonderful, funny, smart, adorable, and just...gah, he's marvelous. We hung out the next Tuesday, and the way his pinky just hooked my hand into his...yeah, ok, not gonna get mushy and sentimental on you. I'll try not to, at least. So the next week, we (my sister, our friend, and the friend's sister, plus the two of us) all go bowling, and have a sleepover at the friend's house.

We stayed up all night, and I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up, and the other girl who was with us in the living room went to the bathroom, and he just kinda goes "hey, you probably know this already, but I love you" I'd known him for nine days, and I knew that I loved him too. I hate when people just make you fall in love with them so quickly. You know? Anyway, long story short, the next night we both got our first kiss, plus some. =X

This is probably a good time to point out that he's not allowed to date.

So then he got a job, and we were fine. Then I went to ocean city. He accidently stood me up [got held up babysitting for his younger siblings] before i left, and again when i got back [work]. When we finally got to hang out, he had been drinking. I get that he didn't want to look like a loser, and he only had a little, but...yeah. I really think if I had kissed him that night, things would have turned out differently.

Anyway...a few weeks go by in which we hardly see each other. Again, long story short [you can see the long version if you IM me or email me--notebook pages and quietinfliction@aol.com respectivly] we break up in a rather cinematic way.

He left for India today. He's on a missionary trip with church, and I didn't realize how much I still love him and how much I love thinking about him still till he hugged me goodbye. He has this fabulous way of hugging you so close and so tight. I get all slkafhkduhf just thinking about it.

So there was a time, prior to goodbye today, when I thought I wanted a random hookup to get me over him. There's this guy that likes me that I was thinking about doing it with. I realized, though, that he's nothing like my ex. He's everything he's not, in a bad way. He's fun and all, yeah, but my ex would never slap my ass. It sounds weird, and people are probably like "you don't want him to slap your ass?!?11?!?!!!?11!1 ong!!1!" but he was...gentlemanly. I could go on, but anyway.

So I guess my dilema is this: Wait it out for the guy I love, or have a fling with a guy who will get him off my mind?

I want to wait it out, I really do, but I don't know if I can. I need to, I think, but...I told him I wasn't going anywhere. Emotionally, I'm not. I love him, and I always will. But..help, please.


[6. 6. 05 // @ 6 : 56 pm]
i'm too sad myself lately i cant keep this failing community up.

i just have no energy.

so the community is up for grabs. maybe someone else can turn it into something mind blowing.

non rating communities just dont get enough love- theres no competition to get in.

[6. 3. 05 // @ 6 : 49 pm]

okay well, i'm going to get this thing going.

i dont have a current situation so im going to post my friends, but not use her name because she might see this, however computer retarded she is.

cathy likes a boy named chad. she's been obsessed with him for the entire school year, from august to now. she loves everything about him. but theres one catch.

he can't stand her.

he wont ever talk to her and he always goes on about how he hates her because she's mean and conceited and rude. she's been trying and trying, but she cant get him to talk to her.


any suggestions?


this is how this is gonna work. even though im sure its implied.

post your reply as a comment. if you are giving advice put the subject of the comment as "help for you."

if you are posting something negative get out of this community.


[6. 2. 05 // @ 12 : 55 pm]

Hey, I've got to run to school, but I'll be sure to poost all my application stuff when I get home. It's nice to see a non rating emo community. :)

[6. 2. 05 // @ 12 : 24 pm]
some song lyrics to test out the layout, because i dont have much to say.

I am such a sucker
And I'm always the last to know
My insides are copper
And I'd kill to make them gold
Conversation got me here: another night alone in the city
So make my bed the grave and shovel dirt onto my sheets

Every friend we ever had in common
I will sever the tie, sever the tie with you
You can thank your lucky stars
That everything I wish for will never come true

When you go, I will forget everything about you [x2]

I've seen sinking ships go down with more grace than you

Turn this up I'll tune you out
Another night alone in the city, yeah
Fake it like you matter-that's a lie we can both keep, ohh


When you go, I will forget everything about you [x2]

I will forget when you go
I will forget everything about you when you go
I will forget everything about you

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