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A few questions, if you don't mind

I'm doing an article for the local paper about the pro-ana mia community and, if it's not a problem, I would like to ask some questions, so I can make the article as accurate as possible.

They aren't personal, no real names are used.

1. When did you first become ana/mia?
2. How long have you been ana/mia?
3. Do you think ana/mia should no longer be called mental disorders? Why or why not?
4. Are hate crimes a serious problem, are you ridiculed because of your lifestyle?
5. What's your goal weight?
6. How old are you (for statistics)?
7. What gender are you (also for statistics)?
8. When did you find the Pro-ana mia community and how did you react to it?
9. Do your parents have any idea that you're pro-ana/mia (again, statistics)?
10. How do you react to an anti-ana mia statement?

Thank you.

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