vegout6 (vegout6) wrote in ___emaciate,

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dying inside

well im so sick of everything
i had lost 10lbs on my recent liquid fast 
then gained back about 4 and i had just lost like that weight last week

but i binge 
and i cant fix it
i purged a few times but that did not help 
n e way 
im goin back on my liquid fast
but im eating breakfast with my sis in the morning 
so i have to eat a little bit
but not much 
im not much of  breakfast eater you no 
yea n e way im really angry at myself
if i dont eat im ok but
when i do i eat to much....also a side note
ever since my recent purges 
after i eat now puke seems to want to come up 
i dont no 
n e way 
long sorry
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