stellar_lass (stellar_lass) wrote in ___emaciate,

Hey guys,

So i'm pretty new to this online thing but i've basically reached the end of my line and am looking for support (can't really talk to anyone about this so this seems like a good place to go :) ). I am 5'7 and gained like freshman 50 million lbs, its sooo nasty. I used to weigh 100 lbs maybe 95 at my lowest before University. Then the stress piled on and the binge drinking began and i was stupid and let myself go. So now im sitting here 3 years later and weighing 140 (soo nasty especially when u've been used to being skinny ur whole life). I love playing sports and going to the gym when i can but it's so hard with schoolwork getting in the way. Its weird b/c in highschool everyone thought i had an ED but i never did, so when i started gaining weight ppl were complimenting me and it got to the point that i was almost afraid to lose any weight so that ppl wouldn't talk. But now i've reached that point and i gotta let go of that fear and do what makes me feel good about myself.
I guess i just need some support in getting out of this nasty cycle of eating when i study and/or get stressed and just eating crap in general ha.
Any support / advice would be awesome b/c going at this alone is a bit hard.

Thanks :)
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