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hey girls ( & guys?)

im new to live journal, so im not so sure how to do everything

but this group is what inspired me to make a lj
and i love how everyone helps eachother out with tips

here are a few of mine:
1.*If you are being watched by someone at home: In the morning break up a flake of cereal in a bowl and pour some milk in it.... or something of the sort to make it seem like you just ate.
2.* At lunch ( if in school or at work) smell the food of your friends/ coworkers and watch them eat to trick your body so it thinks its eating.
3.* If you binge & find it nessacary to purge drink a bubbley fluid (like seltzer or 'clear splash') and push ur belly in and out quickly so the fluid gets between the food particles and upsets them so that they are ready to come out.
4.* For a quick purge: keep gagging yourself while your body is vomiting- more and more keeps coming out. ((instead of waiting for it to come out and taking a break. ))
5.* Dont Chew Gum.... the juices in the gum leave your stomach bloated. and when im fasting it weakens me by leaving me light headed and feeling sick to my stomach. (( This rule may not pertain to all- just thsoe with senstitive stomachs))

I hope these are helpful.
Sorry If these seem simple or idiotic, and if just wasted your time.

<33 nothing tastes as good as thin feels
<33 a moment on the lips : forever on the hips

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