Dani (peaceout88) wrote in ___emaciate,

Name: Danielle
Age: 17 (14/11/1988)
Eating Disorder: Anorexia
Diagnosed or Self Diagnosed: Diagnosed
Time period of ED: About 5 years, on and off
Height: 175cm (5’8”)
Cw: 53kg  (116.8lbs)
Lw: 48kg  (105.8lbs)
Hw: 57kg  (125.6lbs)
STG:  50kg (110.2lbs)
LTG: 45kg  (99.2lbs)
BMI: 17.6 

I have never been what is considered a healthy body weight for my height (62kg is the min 'healthy weight' i have never been over 57kg and that weight was from when i was at the clinic. I am normally around the 50kg mark ( +/- a kg)  though i wish i was lower) I refuse to go anywhere near the 62kg weight, even when i was being looked after.


I feel sick every time I go near the scales, and if I have gained weight I will sink deeper into depression ( yes, i have also been diagnosed with that)


I look in the mirror and see a fat slob, with rolls around my gut and huge thighs, and no matter how thin people say i am i do not believe them. I have a book in which i have cut out hundreds of pictures of beautiful models and glued them in. I look at that all the time.


I did not have my periods at all last year. I managed to convince my doctor then that i was under stress from school and therefore he gave me yasmin and i started my periods again, though they only came once every three months even on the pill.


I am the "Restricting Type" and do not allow myself to eat more then 300cal a day if i am not almost fainting from hunger. If i start feeling faint i will drink power-aid or eat a little fruit. I feel like i have failed when i do so and the cycle starts again.  I will binge sometimes, but not purge, and I work the food off over a 3 hour intense workout, despite the pain. I do an hour of intense workouts every day otherwise.

I hope i can make some good friends here, please say hello :)


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