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The "In" Crowd

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

The REAL Elite
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Where the elite come together, & you better believe it.

___elitefuckers (yeah, there's 3 underscores) is a rating community where you aren't judged on just your looks. We want you if you're different. Every other "elite" LJ community is based on 2 things: Music and Looks. We're not. If you want to know if you're unique, if you think you're different, come here. Our members are all different and we're proud of that.
You won't automatically get accepted for listing Perks of a Wallflower or Garden State, for being a guy, for having that stupid fucking scene hair, listing Bright Eyes, for contrasting your photos to hell, for having a couple of piercings, for being in a band or for wearing goddamn jelly bracelets. In fact, that'll probably be held against you. That's not who you are. It's not unique. You'll get accepted on the basis of whether or not the members think they'd like you if they were to meet you, and if you're truly your own person. Lame followers of net trends fuck off, you're definitely not welcome here.
Standing out from a crowd of clones.. That's us. The Elite Fuckers.


-Sami's Application & Lucy's Application-

Lucy is here to do whatever she pleases. She can overrule all members, she can bitch at whoever she wants. She can do what she wants, really. Respect Her. She owns.


-Tam's Application-

Tam will help out with graphics, stamping & running the place. She can also do what she wants. Respect the mod and you'll be fine.

Accepted Members.
Rejected/Banned Users.

For Applicants

You must submit an application. Some people are under the impression that because this community has closed membership and you must be authorised to join, that means you're accepted. Wrong. Without an application, you are not a member, and you will be deleted if an application is not posted within 5 days after being allowed to join/post.

1. When you're filling out your application, put "Schifty Five." in the title. If you don't do it, your application will be deleted. You must also use an LJ cut, which covers the entire application. This must be added by you.
2. If you type like a fucking retard (i.e. LyK DiSh!!1), do NOT join. A couple of typos here and there are fine, we're not expecting a bunch of geniuses to apply. But if you're a spag and can't type right, you'll be rejected. If you get rejected, deal with it. If you can't handle rejection, don't join.
3. After you post the application, you may alter it until someone votes. If you alter it after someone has voted, you will be banned, unless a mod has given you permission to do so.
4. If you get accepted, read the next set of rules and follow them.
5. In the "Other Things" section, it asks the question "Should Lucy and Alex stay together?" For that answer, you MUST put "Ja zij zouden en zij zouden sex moeten hebben en zouden een miljoen baby's moeten maken." It's to see if you read the rules. If you didn't put that, your application won't get deleted... you just might get a lot of "no's" and possibly rejected. So it's in your best interest to do it.
6. If you get rejected simply for a lack of yes votes, you can re-post your application in exactly one week. If you get rejected a second time, never apply again.
7. You will be stamped after 2-3 days. If for some reason you're not, you can post on one of the mod's journals or posts in the community, saying you weren't stamped. One of the mods will then tally the votes, and stamp you. Even if you know you're going to be accepted, you CANNOT post until that little accepted banner shows up on your application. If you post before you've been stamped, you're banned. You are not allowed to vote on any application until you've been stamped.
8. A little effort goes a long way. Some people put no effort into their application at all, and it pisses us off. Elaborate. One words answers are rarely acceptable. And please, be yourself. We can always tell a fake.

For Accepted Members

1. For every post, put something to do with being a stamped member, for example "FUCK YOU, THIS IS STAMPED." as the title. Some members have abbreviated that to "FYTIS", but as long as it states you're stamped, it's fine. Do this always.
2. When you get accepted, try to stay as active as possible. We know you have lives, just try and participate in some of the themes or other things we've got going on. We encourage you to vote on every application.
3. You may advertise other rating communities as long as they're like this one. We do not want "hotornot" communities. If you promote a community here, promote us in that community, and provide us a link as proof. If you just made a new community, and you want to get it going, you may advertise it here. If it has a promo banner, put it under a lj-cut.
4. There's things you can post, and things you can't post. It's mostly common sense. You can post about pretty much everything. If you find something interesting you think we'd like to read, post it. There's more you can than can't post. Things you can't post- Advertising generic rating communities (hotornot), advertising your myspace account (if it isn't myspace music) & rants about how shitty your life is.
5. When you vote on an application, don't simply put "yes", "no" or "undecided". You have to give reasons why you're saying yes/no/undecided to the person, not just "because I like you/don't like you". Give them some reasons why you like them or don't like them. If you choose undecided, perhaps ask the applicant a question for them to sway your vote to yes/no.
6. Respect other members and mods. However, if one member is being a dick, you can tell them so. If someone's pissing you off, tell them. But do not cause confrontation without reason, don't just pick fights out of boredom. If 2 members cannot get along the mods will organise a vote off, where the members of the community vote on which member they'd rather have in the community. Simple.

You must add the LJ cut to your application yourself. The cut must include all of the application, not just your pictures, but the whole thing. The cut is not included in the code. You may use whatever text you want for the cut. If you do not know the code for a LJ cut, it is this: <lj-cut text="REPLACE WITH WHAT YOU WANT">. Use it.

Promotion Banners

If you're stamped Accepted, Rejected or Banned you'll probably see either of these:

Made by x__tryst.

Jennie always has to be different because she's a gimp, so if you're stamped Accepted or Rejected by her, you'll see one of these.


"I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally."

all graphics, coding & everything else otherwise stated designed & © by x__tryst