Manifesto "Dyudrok"

We - the movement "Pop-Revolution" want to introduce you with a new direction in art and new philosophy - Dyudrok. The point is that it's not just a declaration. We have a clear plan promotion of these principles. We know how to do that people have moved to other realities!

Manifesto "Dyudrok"

(New Experimental Art)

1. In connection with the so-called global crisis art movement "POP-REVOLUTION" (with the partial assistance of ART-REVOLUTION) and the artist Artyom Suslov as well as several other free artists decided to create and implement the concept of promotion of new art "Dyudrok."

The essence of this art is to re-establish the own way of avant-garde and surrealism. Dyudrok included any avant-garde and modern art with blurred boundaries of genres and unlimited fantasy of the author.

At the moment, the world economic system as well as world political system infringe
on the majority of rights, freedoms, opportunities and even hopes of man.
In this regard, decreasing the creative capacity of most people because
it decreases the level and scope of vision as well as the hope of translating its
into reality. At the time of the current crisis, a simple man forgets about high ideals,
he dreams at a low level. Dyudrok must to protect people from objective reality.
We believe - the objective reality that is at this level of crisis can and should move to
second place. We have the right to push it into second place if we give to the man a
new reality, which will carry the title of "objective". what is now "objective" will take
second place, or just disappear for a man.

Accordingly, we believe that everyone, regardless of his religious beliefs, his status in
the society, and regardless of the sanctions, which in future could be taken against the
"Dyudrok" has the right to go to the new reality at any time, partially or completely .

2. In our view, any human rights organization and any commission or authority that
to deal with human rights have the obligation to protect the right of every adult
in the transition, partial or complete, in a different reality.

3. If the man who entirely gone in a different reality according with the laws of this reality
can no longer be capable - this is his personal decision as the new reality does not contradict
the existing laws and not causing harm to anyone. Neither does the campaign leading cause harm.
No one is obliged to support the individual's life in old reality when he left a letter of
advice (note) with the signatures of witnesses.

4. The departure of a reality, as well as assistance in this, not an injury to humans,
because the only thing involved in this process - the human imagination.
But imagination does not belong to the bodi, as well as the experiments of the imagination
is not harmful for the rights of mental functions.
Accordingly, there is no room for any regulations on the intentional infliction of harm or death to
humans. Also note that imagination is fully subject to his master.

5. Relatives and friends of man who passed away in a different reality have the right to challenge the
decision through the courts or through the human rights organizations and and demand to return
him to the reality in which they are located. In doing so, c. 5 is partly contrary to the core - 1 item,
and further debate on this soil can be resolved only in the mutual agreement of the parties.

6. As Dyudrok is not limited with anything and depends only on the human imagination,
it does not conflict with any law and religious customs.

7. For the same reason (not limited and opportunity
giving own properties) Dyudrok and concept its development
and its veneration is not any organization or religion
nor the political movement. Because Dyudrok do not have its own symbols and beliefs.

The author of the Manifesto is Artyom Suslov.
Art - Movement "POP-REVOLUTION"

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Part One: Basics

Sex-yes, please
Location-Seattle, WA
Occupation-sword weilder extraordinnare
Status-uh huh
Current mood-agnsty
Time-11:53 in the PM
Sexual orientation (don't lie... I can already tell)-mostly straight

Part B: Favorites/Least favorites

Movies (Min 3)-
Forrest Gump
Pulp Fiction
Harold and Maude
Life Aquatic

Bands (Min 5)-
Bright Eyes
Elliott Smith
Sufjan Stevens
Ted Leo
Blood Brothers
Say Anything
Devendra Banhart
The Elected

Books (Min 4)-
Naked Lunch
Catcher in the Rye
The Stranger
Grapes of Wrath

Bands you hate (Min 10)-

Red Hot chilli Peppers
The Killers
Arctic Monkeys
Cute is What We Aim For
An Angle
Action Action
Matchbook Romance

Pretty much anything on Victory records

Movies you despise (Min 8)-
King Kong
The Exorcist
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
Billy Madison
In Good Company
Rosemary's Baby
High School Musical
The Notebook

Books you can't stand (Min 6)-
Things Fall Apart
All Quiet On the Western Front
The Notebook
Brave New World
That one by ann coulter.
Pendragon series

Best two albums ever made (no mainstream shit, please)-
Pinkerton-Weezer I don't care if it's mainstream. It's fucking amazing.
Fevers and Mirrors-Bright Eyes

I was going to name a Belle and Sebastian record, but I couldn't decide which

Part III: Your thoughts on

Teen pregnancy-I feel sorry for the pregnant girls I see at school and such. I think it's their own descision, though. It's their right to be able to go fuck their gross nasty boyfriends. I'm pro-choice, I guess.

Hipsters-I hate aggressively indie kids. I should be able to admit to liking A New Found Glory without some skeeny kid in horn-rimmed glasses kicking me in the eye. Not that I like A New Found Glory.

I wear horn rimmed glasses

Puddle of Mudd- vomiting all over myself

Livejournal Rating Communities-I don't even know what that is. I am rather new at livejournal

Sandra Day O'Connor- mmm so-so

The War in Iraq- Unecessary (that word and I are blood enemies)

If anywhere, the US should be interveneing in Darfur. It's a genocide, and should be declared so.

Online scene kids- with the energy they put into myspace exerted into a long term goal such as world domination...

I don't even want to think about it. They could use their time more wisely, but on the whole they are nice people.

Section D: This or That (In the form of a sentence, please!)

Chocolate or vanilla- I enjoy oreo ice cream far more than the chocolate or vanilla varieties.
Pre-Trout Mask Replica or Post-Trout Mask Replica Frank Zappa- I am not a huge fan of Frank Zappa, and I wouldn't be able to choose if you asked me to, seeing as I am a very indecisive individual.
Industrial discopop or electronic metalcore fusion- I would prefer industrial discopop by far.
Leaded or diesel- I would choose leaded.
Necktie Revolution or Runaway Motorcade- I will have to go with Necktie Revolution, without a doubt.
1986 or 1987- I was born in 1989, so I cannot make a choice based on experience, but I am leaning towards 1986.
Punch an emo kid or punch a goth kid-I would most definitely punch a goth kid as opposed to an emo kid. I think goth fashion (hugepants) is ridiculous, and not to metion ugly as five or six ugly things in an ugly box.
Bisexuality or asexuality- I would choose asexulaity. A Sigmund Freud quote comes to mind: "my entire libido goes out to Austria-Hungary" Three cheers for nonexistant sex drives!
Pete & Pete or Salute Your Shorts-Regarding Pete & Pete and Salute Your Shorts, I have no preference. I do remember watching Pete and Pete when I was young, and I remember a particularly interesting episode about tapioca pudding.
Bright Eyes or Dashboard Confessional-I enjoy Bright Eyes, regardless of how cliche and mainstream Conor has become.
Homicide or candy-I prefer a rousing homicide followed by a sensible portion of candy.

Section 5: Do you/Have you ever

Drink-on occasion
Smoke-I am afraid for my lungs
Steal-I have, but that was before I learned about capitalism
Masturbate-on occasion
Ovulate-on occasion
Masticate-wouldn't you hope so?
Go-indeed yes.
Feel life just isn't worth living-yes, and I write poetry about it. Bad poetry. Written in the blood from my own slit wrists
Touch the stove-yeah. I don't know what posesses me, but I do all of the time. No, seriously. A LOT. I like it.
Get tested for an STD-no. I probably unkowingly have syphillis and herpes and AIDS. All at once. Or something.

Section VI: And the rest

What do you want to be if you grow up? wes anderson

Why should we accept you? I am house trained and I don't know how to use livejournal

Promote ___elite_few in at least two places. guhh, I'll try my best, but I'm a noob.

Post 3 pictures of yourself (extra points if one is of you at a younger ages).

I am not a fan of that take-a-million-pictures-of-myself deal. I don't like my face, and I just don't care enough. That was my explanation for why my pictues are woefully sub-par.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Post a picture of your feet. Now.

If you insist

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, it seems those are some feet. Now, this took me an incredibly long time, so I do hope you let me be elite with you.


wow. so, when are people going to post in this community?

Interesting, very very interesting:

The very existence of online civic participation and the free Internet as we know it are under attack by America Online.

AOL recently announced what amounts to an "email tax." Under this pay-to-send system, large emailers willing to pay an "email tax" can bypass spam filters and get guaranteed access to people's inboxes—with their messages having a preferential high-priority designation.1

Charities, small businesses, civic organizing groups, and even families with mailing lists will inevitably be left with inferior Internet service unless they are willing to pay the "email tax" to AOL. We need to stop AOL immediately so other email hosts know that following AOL's lead would be a mistake.

Can you sign this emergency petition to America Online and forward it to your friends?

Sign here: http://civic.moveon.org/emailtax/?id=6931-5583926-G33cgZGvXFBVX7JWe_ZREw&t=2

Petition statement: "AOL, don't auction off preferential access to people's inboxes to giant emailers, while leaving people's friends, families, and favorite causes wondering if their emails are being delivered at all. The Internet is a force for democracy and economic innovation only because it is open to all Internet users equally—we must not let it become an unlevel playing field."

Sign here: http://civic.moveon.org/emailtax/?id=6931-5583926-G33cgZGvXFBVX7JWe_ZREw&t=3

AOL is one of the biggest email hosts in the world—if we stop them from unleashing this threat to the Internet, others will know not to try it. Everyone who signs this petition will be sent information on how to contact AOL directly, as well as future steps that can be taken until AOL drops its new "email tax" policy.

AOL's proposed pay-to-send system is the first step down the slippery slope toward dividing the Internet into two classes of users—those who get preferential treatment and those who are left behind.

AOL pretends nothing would change for senders who don't pay, but that's not reality. The moment AOL switches to a world where giant emailers pay for preferential treatment, AOL faces this internal choice: spend money to keep spam filters up-to-date so legitimate email isn't identified as spam, or make money by neglecting their spam filters and pushing more senders to pay for guaranteed delivery. Which do you think they'll choose?

If AOL has its way, the big loser will be regular email users—whose email from friends, family, and favorite causes will increasingly go undelivered and disappear into the black hole of a neglected spam filter. Another loser will be democracy and economic innovation on the Internet—where small ideas become big ideas specifically because regular people can spread ideas freely on a level playing field.

If an "email tax" existed when MoveOn began, we never would have gotten off the ground—indeed, AOL's proposal will hurt every membership group, regardless of political affiliation. That's why groups all across the political spectrum are joining together with charities, non-profits, small businesses, labor unions, and Internet watchdog groups in opposition to AOL's "email tax."

The president of the Association for Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) points out the real-world urgency of this issue:

In essence, this is going to block every AOL subscriber suffering from any form of cancer from receiving potentially life-saving information they may not be able to get from any other source, simply because a non-profit like ACOR—which serves more than 55,000 cancer patients and caregivers every day—cannot afford to pay the fee.1

Can you sign this emergency petition to America Online and forward it to your friends?


Thank you for all you do.

–Eli Pariser, Noah T. Winer, Adam Green, and the MoveOn.org Civic Action team
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

P.S. The Electronic Frontier Foundation summed up the "email tax" issue beautifully:

Email being basically free isn't a bug. It's a feature that has driven the digital revolution. It allows groups to scale up from a dozen friends to a hundred people who love knitting to half-a-million concerned citizens without a major bankroll...

Once a pay-to-speak system like this gets going, it will be increasing difficult for people who don't pay to get their mail through. The system has no way to distinguish between ordinary mail and bulk mail, spam and non-spam, personal and commercial mail. It just gives preference to people who pay...3


1. "Postage is due for companies sending e-mail," New York Times, February 4, 2006

2. "AOL's New Email Certification Program: Good Mail or Goodfellas?" L-Soft Release, February 2, 2006

3. "AOL, Yahoo and Goodmail: Taxing Your Email for Fun and Profit," Electronic Frontier Foundation, February 8, 2006

Subscription Management:
This is a message from MoveOn.org Civic Action. To change your email address, update your contact info, or remove yourself (Gregory Patch) from this list, please visit our subscription management page at:


As we all know, the holidays are a total ridiculous sham. It's nothing a but a consumerism-driven shopfest made to look all purty with bright lights and half-sincere goodwill. But I may as well ask, did you guys get anything good? I got a new scarf and an original pressing of "Trout Mask Replica" by Captain Beefheart. I also got a friggin' At the Drive-In CD from my stupid pop music whore cousin Rick. Ugh, they are such goddamned sellouts. Oh well, better than last Christmas when my sister Betty got me a Death Cab for Cutie hoodie.

EDIT: Merry Christmas, ___elite_few, you have two new moderators. Congratulations, gogogidget and soundneverheard.

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Am I the only one doing goddamned promoting around here? Do your share and go tell people to come apply. Go into some of those inferior communities and show them how real elitists do it, not that any of you are real elitists... but maybe if you keep emulating my ways, you can some day be half as awesome as I am. Don't count on it though. Just go put this places.

[lj user="___elite_few"] Only use the pointy things instead of the flat things. There. Using language you can all understand.