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With a Budweiser in one hand and an Olsen Twin in another

Epsilon Chi Chi
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Anybody , Moderated
The ECC was started in Charleston, South Carolina Its a peace worthy group ent on weorld domination...Apply to be harrassed and maybe be alowed to harrass

Rules for Applying.....
1. apply posts on our community (posting is open to members and nonmembers, but only members can read members only posts)
2. if you are family of founding members, don't apply without speaking to us first
3. if you are a girlfreind or ex-girlfriend of a member, do not apply
4. do not apply if you cry easily
5. do not apply if you cant handle rejection
6. do not apply and then bad mouth us if you dont get it
7. be honest about your answers, we know when you lie
8. its a majority thing, if a friend tells you to join that doesnt mean you will get in
9. Dont comment on other applications till your accepted
10. any posts besides applications will be deleted be an administrator
11. dont make fun of bbrad's bad spelling he is an administrator and is only slightly retarded, this is an automatic baning....
12. dont talk about fight club
13. the more embarassing/humiliating your application the more likeley you are to get in
14. no fat chicks
15. the ECC always gets shit for being a sausage fest, girls are more welcome than guys, so please apply
16. Put it behind a cut bitches
<*lj-cut text="the text of your link">your application =take out stars

[1.] The Crap -

[2.] What you like
TV shows:

[3.] Things you are
Pet peeves:
Whine like a bitch for us to make fun of, it will help you get in:

[4.] Why your ECC material (questions we have strict beliefs on)
How should female pubic hair be kept:
What ECC means to you:
What you could provide for the rest of the Community:
Pro or anti Bush:
Whos cuter, Will or Ryan:
Is it okay for Ryan to sleep around:
Will you let Brad talk to you about his Kid and fake interest:
What does Whale hunter mean to you:
Whos hung better Adam or Ryan:

[ 5.] Your Pictures - !!No Fat Chicks!!
Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:




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Non Lj Member- Aman

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