Big Baller (livesiome) wrote in ___ecc_,
Big Baller

[1.] The Crap -
Name:Ryan, "R-Money", "Dubs", and from now on I will be refered to as "La Voz"
Age:old enough to have sex with Brad's mom
Location: Chucktizzy/G-Vegas
Gender:a man's man
Status:varies day-to-day

[2.] What you like
Bands:Whiny Industrial Goth Metal-seriously screamo, indie (i'm sad), hardcore and the faint (can't really catergorize them)
Books: can't read
Movies: right now Man on Fire, Street Fighter II, and Backdoor Sluts 9
TV shows: Sadly XPlay, Family Guy, Futurama, ATHF, Sealab, and especially HARVEY BIRDMAN:Attorney at Law
Foods: Meat and asian pussy

[3.] Things you are
Phobias: penis
Pet peeves: trendsters, fat chicks, and adam's view of who's fat
Likes: fast women and even faster cars
Dislikes: Benji when he's feeling scrappy
Whine like a bitch for us to make fun of, it will help you get in: girls make my heart tingle

[4.] Why your ECC material (questions we have strict beliefs on)
How should female pubic hair be kept: i like a lightning bolt
What ECC means to you: a brotherhood. "La Hermandad" if you will, a organized crime syndicate where a group kidnaps children for ransom money. I am the leader and I call all the shots and don't get my hands dirty. Adam and Benji are the ones that actually do the kidnapping. Brad takes care of the victim while arrangements are being made. I call him the Guardian. While Will is a crooked lawyer who makes rich people keep their kidnapping insurance. Aman is the crooked cop that pushes everything under the rug. I known only as "La Voz" run the entire operation.
What you could provide for the rest of the Community: women, when i don't have my own problem
Pro or anti Bush: Pro Nader even though he's old and shit yo
Whos cuter, Will or Ryan: Ryan is prettiest
Is it okay for Ryan to sleep around: yes, but i lost repect for the people he sleeps around with and i laugh at the details b/c they are funny (I agree with Adam 100%)
Will you let Brad talk to you about his Kid and fake interest: NO
What does Whale hunter mean to you: Fat Chicks will be gutted for their oil then sold in the Northeast USA
Whos hung better Adam or John: Ryan

[ 5.] Your Pictures - !!No Fat Chicks!!
Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:
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