Adam Poopsmith (le_jew) wrote in ___ecc_,
Adam Poopsmith

[1.] The Crap -
Name:Adam "a-twon" "jew" "bastard" Simon
Location: Chucktown/USC

[2.] What you like
Bands:everything, shit i even listen to a little country now, sorry guys
Books: some romance novels but mostly John Grisham and war type books
Movies: anything good
TV shows: OC, Laguna Beach, sports and shit, lots of SportsCenter
Foods: im in college i take what i can get, and pussey

[3.] Things you are
Phobias: girls
Pet peeves: trendsters, fat chicks
Likes: girls
Dislikes: brad
Whine like a bitch for us to make fun of, it will help you get in: i cry too much cause i cant be happy cause no one returns my love

[4.] Why your ECC material (questions we have strict beliefs on)
How should female pubic hair be kept: nice and tiddy, either none or some light infield
What ECC means to you: dudes that just fucking hate on motherfuckers but aint gonna do shit
What you could provide for the rest of the Community: Jewishness and beer and a penis to rival ryans
Pro or anti Bush: anti, but i dont hate him like hippies do, hes just crazy
Whos cuter, Will or Ryan: Ryan is prettier but Wills personality makes him cutier
Is it okay for Ryan to sleep around: yes, but i lost repect for the people he sleeps around with and i laugh at the details b/c they are funny
Will you let Brad talk to you about his Kid and fake interest: yeah, but then ill just walk out mid conversation and pee then come back and he wont notice
What does Whale hunter mean to you: no comment, hahahaha, i have friends that like fat chicks, although i think i have forgiven/come to term with Matt Duke and Nicole
Whos hung better Adam or John: John if your a virgin, Adam if your a whore

[ 5.] Your Pictures - !!No Fat Chicks!!
Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

pictures to come later


Picture 1: me w/o shirt

Picture 2: my shaved penis

Picture 3: my awesome man ass
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