Thor (pudgygiant) wrote in ___ecc_,

God I'm so funny

[1.] The Crap -
Name: Jack's Colon
Age: 35
Location: Next to Jack's spleen
Gender: Colons are genderless
Status: A fucking colon you douchebag

[2.] What you like
Bands: Anything whiny
Books: Orwell
Movies: Gigli and Ballistic
TV shows: Pokemon
Foods: Anything I can get my chubby hands on

[3.] Things you are
Phobias: Gary Coleman... creepy fucker
Pet peeves: People who say "I have a DVD in my car!" Jesus christ that pisses me off
Likes: Adam
Dislikes: Everything not Adam
Whine like a bitch for us to make fun of, it will help you get in: no

[4.] Why your ECC material (questions we have strict beliefs on)
How should female pubic hair be kept: The same way as a rainforest: thick and full of wonderous wildlife
What ECC means to you: Extreme Carrot Collection
What you could provide for the rest of the Community: Technical support
Pro or anti Bush: Fucking anti all the way
Whos cuter, Will or Ryan: Door number C, Ian
Is it okay for Ryan to sleep around: Yes, as long as it's not with Emily
Will you let Brad talk to you about his Kid and fake interest: No.
What does Whale hunter mean to you: Our brother, he who strayed from the path of the righteous
Whos hung better Adam or John: If this is a suicide question, john, no doubt.

[ 5.] Your Pictures - !!No Fat Chicks!!
Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself:

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