October 24th, 2004

brad told me to

[1.] The Crap -
Name: Miss McKenzie Anne Perry
Age: 18
Location: Wofford in the sparkle city
Gender: female
Status: single

[2.] What you like
Bands: anything emo, whinny, screaming optional, only four cords please much more is far too complicated ooh and anything were he ends up talking about cutting himself
Books: anything girlie...i mean highly intellectual books, perferable where the guy thinks his kitchen isn't there so he must go run and see if it still is
Movies: true life dramas such as garden state...ha no...mmm olsen twins and shitty action movies
TV shows: o.c, one tree hill and gilmore girls (deal with it)
Foods: anything im a fat girl stuck in a skinny girls body

[3.] Things you are
Phobias: three foot schizophrenic clowns who watch children sleep
Pet peeves: adam to be quite honest (no offense sweetie)
Likes: hot boys (preferably who can surf or skate, wear tight shirts and bitch about their lifes to their equally hot tight shirted friends)
Dislikes: ugly boys oh and anyone who calls me a evil satanic bitch (even if it is true)
Whine like a bitch for us to make fun of, it will help you get in: no...my life is shit...is that good enough

[4.] Why your ECC material (questions we have strict beliefs on)
How should female pubic hair be kept: trimmed neatly theres no need for it to be out of control and well the guys already took care of the whole shaved thing
What ECC means to you: jackasses from Mt.P
What you could provide for the rest of the Community:...probally nothing honestly
Pro or anti Bush: pro baby W 04!
Whos cuter, Will or Ryan: both, together, hot and sweaty
Is it okay for Ryan to sleep around: sure why not
Will you let Brad talk to you about his Kid and fake interest: of course but it won't be fake intrest
What does Whale hunter mean to you: you don't even want to know
Whos hung better Adam or John: hum...nither?

[ 5.] Your Pictures - !!No Fat Chicks!!
Please post atleast 3 clear pictures of yourself: i have no idea how to do this me being completly computer illiterate and what not...you all have pictures of me...you know im hot (weve already had this debate)