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Welcome to ___dreamlayouts! We are a premade layout community for everyone's taste. Our goal is to make our users happy && to give beautiful Livejournal Layouts. We also offer MySpace Layouts all premade for you!


Other Staff;

Want to be apart of the team? Visit here.

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oo1. Comment when taking anything. If you don't comment, you will be banned.

oo2.When using one of our layouts, please credit in your user info.

oo3.You may only use these layouts on Livejournal,no where else unless you have permission.

oo4. Put a banner in your userinfo if you want to be accepted in here.

oo5. No stealing or redistributing any layouts from here.

oo6. Sorry, we don't take requests. Its all premade for you! This also means no editing.

oo7. If a layout already has credit in it, do not remove or edit it.

oo8. Do not contact the mods or makers in their personal journal; AIM; or email. Its very rude and you will be banned. Use the community's email.

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ON A LAYOUT OR QUESTION IN GENERAL, PLEASE EMAIL DreamLayouts@Gmail.com. That is checked CONSTANTLY, so please don't be afraid. Thank you!

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Extra Information;
Also..this seems to be a little confusing. You must have a button to us in your userinfo. Please don't hotlink. Upload to your own server. You need a button if you use a layout or not. It's just easier that way.

We have a 450 member limit. We will have no more than that in this community. We close the community's membership when we hit that. Sometimes people leave or journal's get suspended. Jump on that chance. This just helps all the staff. Its stressful letting 100+ people in a day when only 1 out of ever 31 actually read the rules.

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