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The Basics
Age: 17 (almost 18)
D.O.B: August 13th 1987

Gender: Female
Location: west covina, cailforina
Relationship Status: Single
Your Scene: Um I guess I’m trendy. How un-cool it is to be trendy, I am. If I see something I look I will get it or do my hair/make up that way. So I guess I’m a copy-cat. But unless I’m up front about it. haha

List 5-10 of your favorite bands or artists:
(in no order) Moving units, Incubus, The Blood Brothers, Taking Back Sunday, Ladytron, the used, fall out boy, the faint, freeze pop, from first to last
3-5 bands or artists you like the least: Avril Lavigne, new found glory, Megadeth, papa roach, and trice
Favorite album of all time: Incubus make yourself: I can just out it on and my day will be that much better.
Favorite Song: oh man this is hard but umm..make yourself- incubus
Favorite Male Musician [explain why?]: Brandon boyd. His music is unreal.
Favorite Female Musician [explain why?]:
Alanis Morissette . Her music is awesome

Best show you've ever been: Incubus. It was amazing and I got to spend time with my father
Favorite Movies: Labyrinth, fight club, half baked, the lost boys drop dead fred

Favorite TV shows: house, fuse, hells kitchen
Favorite Books (if you have any): white fluffy clouds- Brandon boyd

Do you...
Drink? yes
Do Drugs? weed
Play an Instrument [if so, what?]: I have a bass never play it I’m going to sale it soon
Play in a band: no
Like to party: Yes

And Lastly
In a short paragraph, tells us a bit about yourself
[ie. what you like to do in your spare time, funny stories, etc).
well I work at tower records, I love to party and hang out with friends. I look for love in all the wrong places. I very hyper all the time and I cut and dye my friends hair sometimes.

Funny story:

Well, I just got off work and I had my vans on with no socks (I do that a lot). I went to my friends house and you have to take off you shoes when you go in and i didn’t know that till I got there. Well my feet really smelled and I didn’t want to take off my shoes but I had to, well lets make this story short..

I took off my shoes and within’ 10 minutes my friend asked me to but my shoes back on.

Maybe it’s not as funny when you read it but if you saw the look on her face. My god, I’m sorry.


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