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[rules for applicants]
.you must be at least 14 years of age to apply.
.put "i'm about to have a nervous breakdown" as the title of your application.
.do not post or comment on anything but your own application until you have been accepted by a mod.
.do not edit your application without a mod's consent.
.you must submit your application within 24 hours of joining the community.
.do not promote any communities here.
.respect the members and mods.
.don't be a dick.

[rules for members]
.stay active.
.in the subject of all posts, write "stamped".
.vote on as many applications as you can, with "yes" "no" or "undecided" in the subject area.
.provide a reason for your vote.
.be harsh.

members page

goshleski euphoria_hunter

dakota_romance for joining and never applying.
ur_my_cancer for failing to make her application friends only after warnings
lookslikeit for asking to be banned....

this month's theme is you and your friends. post an entry with pictures of your best friends and you. remember to use an lj cut.

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