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Mmmm ... poison.

Intelligence is a virtue.

Don't Fake This
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All Members , Moderated


1) You MUST post your application within two days of joining.

2) Do not comment on anyone else's application or posts until you have been stamped.

3) You'll either be accepted or rejected between an hour or 24 hours of posting your application.

4) Don't be whiny and immature if someone gives you a "no". That's their opinion, deal with it.

5) Be active. If there's a somewhat large quantity of unactive users there will be a cut. If you don't reply by the given date, you'll be banned.

6) If you're getting all no's don't have your lj friends come and fight your battle. You'll both be banned. Refer to the 4th rule.

7) USE AN LJ-CUT! <*lj-cut>application<*/lj-cut>
Just take out the asterisks (*).

8) For the subject of your application put "Shamalamadingdong" so I know you read the rules.

9) If you're rejected, you can try back in a week. For your subject line put "Shamalama - trying again" If rejected again, you'll be banned.

10) When promoting promote somewhere other than your userinfo. If you don't promote your application will be deleted.

11) Stamped members can promote whenever they want, just put it behind a cut and it won't be an issue.

12) We ask you for at least one picture of yourself so we have an overall idea of who you are, so we can picture you in our minds. We don't judge on looks.

13) Don't delete your application or comments in your app. if you get no's. No one wants stupid cunts applying to the community.

14) Don't be a dumb ass.

15) Any rule made by david cannot be removed or changed in any way.

16) If you get in by a small vote margin (that means if you have say 10 yeses and 7 nos), there is likely disagreement on the quality of your character so you're going to tread on thin ice for a while. Watch your ass; if you show your stupidface to a member, your acceptance may be put up for rescindment, decided by a vote in a purdy poll made by the davo. Senior members know their shit. Think before you're a dumbass

Follow the rules.



*Favourite music genre:
*Top 10 artists/bands/composers:
*Favourite form of art:
*Top 5 movies:
*Favourite food:
*Top 3 books:
*If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?:
*If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be and why?:
*If you could fight any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?:

Opinions on ... (explain your answers)

if you put anything to the effect of "I don't care" or "I hate politics", omit the next question
**George Bush:
*Organized religion:
*Love at first sight:
*Pre-marital sex:
*Gay marriage:
*Animal rights:
*Euthanasia (of humans):
*Cloning / Genetic research:
*Bad spelling / grammar:


*How did you find out about this community?:
*Promote us one place and tell us where:
*Having fun?:
*Why do you want to be apart of this community?:
*What is your definition of "fake" and why do you think you are not?
*Describe yourself in two sentences or less, GO GOD DAMMIT!
*And, show us at least one picture of yourself:

ersticken & maintainer
Co MOD: nondisbeliever

_sell_my_dreams, nondisbeliever, set_it_off, fallenfairytale, amazingchrist, mypoorfriendme, its_what_we_are, chichialmonds, imightdare, take2stepsback, 3ebreid, slapperig, cuda___x, rorschachroses, earthwormgrim, theatrebecca, baked_ziti, apacalypse, ohwownerd, studxkitten, callmegodzilla, seemiddieshrink, ilyketobyte, enchantingpixie, ashpeloserqueen

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"Fuck it. You all can go to hell. Like this kind of stuff makes people auctually depressed, and how one person can be so mean. Maybe I should listen to some of the stuff you say and just go kill myself. Ha. I don't give a crap what you think i'm just pointing out something. That your all RUDE. Except for baked_ziti because he explained it to me without calling me a "cunt" or saying that I should die." - xxelsaxx

"Dude stfu Mr/Miss PERRRRFECT im sorry im not like you and you jus pissed me off like woah Hmmm i bet your one of those fags who does nothing with their lives and just sit down on the computer and do their normal routine every fucking god damn day..i dont even fucking know you and i don't like your lil fucking additude you Homo go suck a nut you bitch" - staywithmex3

"Smoking is amazing." - empty_inside3 Commentary: YOU SO SCENE!


Made by: wakemeup1

Made by: i_are_explosion


Made by: yosei

Made by: yosei

Made by: stealthponies

Business thumbs up
YES - made by nondisbeliever
Fat Albert
Oh shit! - Made by: slapperig
Jesus - Made by: stealthponies
Orgasm - Made by: earthwormgrim & ilyketobyte
Down with G-O-D - Made by: i_are_explosion
Approved - Made by: i_are_explosion
Hell yes - Made by: i_are_explosion
The god among men Says Yes - Made by: i_are_explosion
Transvestite - Made by: nondisbeliever
Haiku - Made by: wakemeup1
Finger - made by nondisbeliever
Jibba-Jabba - made by nondisbeliever
It's that time... - made by nondisbeliever
Nigga please! - made by nondisbeliever
Freak - Made by: stealthponies
Titties - Made by: stealthponies
Wacko - Made by: stealthponies
I pity the fool! - Made by nondisbeliever
One million dollar bill - Made by: slapperig
You're not doing it for me. - Made by: earthwormgrim & ilyketobyte
Church sign - Made by: i_are_explosion
Denied - Made by: i_are_explosion
Fail - Made by: i_are_explosion
The god among men says no - Made by: i_are_explosion
None at the moment.

wakemeup1 for the userinfo contest.
i_are_explosion for the random picture contest.
earthwormgrim for the promotion contest.



Got a question? Here are my contacts.

E-mail: sie.sind.gottlos@gmail.com
**Subject: ___dontfakethis

AIM: uni0n of death