come out fighting

standing with your spotlight on me

bend but not break
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This community is for people who are interested in music, art, writing, or someone who just wants to rant about having a bad day, whatever you want.

It's for anyone sick of people judging them for the way they dress, their opinions or whatever other reason you can think of.

It's for people sick of being placed in a display case

fill out an application to join.
the reason why you should fill out an application is to get to know people and so people get to know you, not to judge or be judged! so please be nice.

+dont be rude.
+dont judge.
+be nice.
if you dont follow the rules, you will be banned.

you dont have to fill out parts that you feel uncomfortable filling out. again this is so the rest of the community can get to you.


>5 favorite bands/ musical artists<
>favorite book, and why<
>favorite movie, and why<

>do you feel that you have ever been jugded before, or put in a "display case"?<
>what do you think about the way George Bush dealt with the "iraq situation"?<
>straight edge?<
>teenage suicide<
>teenage violence<

no picture is needed. we dont want people to judge you for the way you look, but if you would like you can put in a picture, but only one.

oh and by the way.
im the mod.
just if you were wondering.

-have fun