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application for joining (ie. hi i'm new)

>age< 25
>gender< boy meat
>location< near chicago

>5 favorite bands/ musical artists<
lately i've been into Tool, Tori Amos, Jump Little Children, Blind Melon and Finch but i'm all over the place so tomorrow i might be obsessed with Johnny Cash. it's more of a mood thing, really
>favorite book, and why< Geek Love by Catherine Dunn because it shows you the importance of being you the way you are and why conformity sucks. either that or Song of the Earth by Hugh Nissonson because that book has the most beautiful way of expressing the way an artist looks at the world
>favorite movie, and why< impossible to say but late favorites have been Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Adaptation, Usual Suspects and The Dancer Upstairs

>do you feel that you have ever been judgded before, or put in a "display case"?<
yeah, but who hasn't. it's kind of fun if you let them think whatever they want and then totally prove them wrong without trying. that jaw-droppy face is priceless
>what do you think about the way George Bush dealt with the "iraq situation"?< there are not enough swear words
>straight edge?< great idea but some people take it too fucking seriously and they end up hurting a lot of people who had no beef with them
>teenage suicide< could be prevented in almost every case, suicide in general is fucked because there is so much that is good in the world if you can survive high school and get out and find it. depression is a bitch, but it is beatable. my friends and i are all living proof that it does get better once you leave high school and all the assholes behind. suicide is bad, but i know that sometimes it looks like the only viable option.
>teenage violence< um... like in stealing stuff or violence against other teens or what?

so yeah, that's me as filtered through these questions. i also have three tattoos and like to write
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Why do people bash people for having different tastes in music? Goodness, who cares if you don't like Hawthorne Heights and you think they're generic and hoppin' on a screemo bandwagon. I get thoroughly annoyed when people make fun of people for liking certain bands. ( i personally have nothing against Hawthorne Heights, because i haven't listened to their material to make a valid opinion) Things like these really irritate me.

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So this is a little off on a tangent. but these rating communities are getting totally out of hand. i check them out just for fun. it's so funny how people get riled up over things said on the internet.'s a wee bit of hand though with these anorexic comunities telling girls they are fat cause they dont have hip bones that poke out of their jeans like rusty nails on a piece of wood. thank god, this community has some sanity :)