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babys on fire better throw her in the water look at her laughing like a heffer to the slaughter


01.Name: Rachel
02.Age: 15
02.Astrological Sign: gemini
03.Location/Do you like it there?: woodbine,MD hahah good one
04.Sexual Orientation:


Top 4 Favorite Bands:
-nine inch nails
-mindless self indulgence

4 Bands you just can't stand:
-simple plan
-new found glory

Give us 3 of your favorite songs:
- supernaut by ministry
- opticon by orgy
- spit by kittie

And 3 songs that make you want to chop your ears off:
-addicted by simple plan
-that damn gc song
- that coheed and cambria song

Now, the best album ever made?:
- pretty hate machine by nin

Are you in a band/play an instrument?: i can play the clarinette

Other Schtuff

Tell us your favorite...
Movie: fear dot com
Food: pizza
TV Show:wondershowzen
C'mon: over ere yall
Actor and Actress: gary elwes and scarlette johanson?
Book: a clockwork orange
Quote: "..lifes too short to be pissed off all the time. Its just not worth it."

Describe yourself in three words: ___fun_____, ___nice_____, __sadistic(ha kevin)______.

Why would you like to join this community? alee wanted me to and it looks pretty

Say something nice about your mods. :D..

lizzmasta: youre my height! i love that! youre really cool i can tell from that one time i met you!
true_pineapple: i like sittin with you at lunch! youre funny and nice!

What's your opinion on..

Pick one of the following issues, and state your opinion on it.

_ Abortion.
_ sXe.
_ Coke or Pepsi.
_ Religion.
_ Racism/Homophobia.it should all go away! ewwwww

This or That
(You must choose ONLY one. You cannot say 'none' or 'both'.)

Drake & Josh or The Fairly Oddparents:fairly odd parents
Placebo or Coheed and Cambria: placebo
Horror or Comedy:horror
Taking Back Sunday or Weezer: weezer
Rainy Day or Sunny Day: sunny day
Modern Rock or Classic Rock: modern

(No more than 4, please. Kthnx.)

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