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Baby's on fire.


01.Name: caitlin 
02.Age: 15
02.Astrological Sign: aquarious, i don;t know if that;s how you spell it
03.Location/Do you like it there?: dundalk, not right now, i probably will though.
04.Sexual Orientation: bi.


Top 4 Favorite Bands:
-brand new
-leftover crack
-from autumn to ashes

4 Bands you just can't stand:
-that band with amy lee.
-dropbox isn;t all that
-default isn;t that great either
-maroon 5

Give us 3 of your favorite songs:
- awful
- total eclipse of the heart
- gang control

And 3 songs that make you want to chop your ears off:
- she will be loved
-lose my breathe

Now, the best album ever made?:
- anything by hole.

Are you in a band/play an instrument?: no i am not. i wihs though.

Other Schtuff

Tell us your favorite...
Movie: notebook
Food: pizza
TV Show: hmm. next or real world road rules challenge
C'mon: huh?
Actor and Actress: angelina jolie lee. leonardo dicarpro?
Book: walk two moons
Quote: that's nice.

Describe yourself in three words: laid back, funny, kind .

Why would you like to join this community? because macey promoted it to me<3

Say something nice about your mods. :D..

lizzmasta: i really like your hair
true_pineapple: pretty

What's your opinion on..

Pick one of the following issues, and state your opinion on it.

_ Abortion.
x sXe-i think not doing drugs and stuff is good. but people that do drugs, aren;t all like OH OH OH hell yeahz i do drugs. so they should't be like your a loser because you do drugs. people that are virgins dont write V on their hand. ghey.
_ Coke or Pepsi.
_ Religion.
_ Racism/Homophobia.

This or That
(You must choose ONLY one. You cannot say 'none' or 'both'.)

Drake & Josh or The Fairly Oddparents:The Fairly Oddparents
Placebo or Coheed and Cambria:Coheed and Cambria
Horror or Comedy:comedy
Taking Back Sunday or Weezer: weezer
Rainy Day or Sunny Day:Sunny Day
Modern Rock or Classic Rock: classic

(No more than 4, please. Kthnx.)


Show you care... PROMOTE!
(In at least 2 places.)

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