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Baby's On Fire

01.Name:Matt Hynson
02.Age:15 in 5 days
02.Astrological Sign:uh..Gemini
03.Location/Do you like it there?:Marriottsville
04.Sexual Orientation:Straight


Top 4 Favorite Bands:
-Modest Mouse
-Franz Ferdinand
-alkaline trio!

4 Bands you just can't stand:
-The Used
I don't really hold things against bands, their just doing their own thing.

Give us 3 of your favorite songs:
-"Lives"-Modest Mouse
-"Armageddon"-Alkaline Trio
-"Don't Drag Me Down"-Social Distortion

And 3 songs that make you want to chop your ears off:
-that one Finger Eleven song they always play on the radio
I cant think of any others right now

Now, the best album ever made?:
(in my current opinion)
-The Moon and Antartica - Modest Mouse

Are you in a band/play an instrument?: nada on the band thing, and i like to fool around with a guitar like every other guy in the world

Other Schtuff

Tell us your favorite...
Movie: Office Space!
Food: anything Oreintal/spicy
TV Show: Futurama/Family Guy for comedy, Lost/24 for action drama
C'mon: um..noodles
Actor and Actress: i dunno, i liked John Cusack in Identity
Book: 1984- George Orwell
Quote: (at the moment) "You never realize what a good memory you have until you try to forget something."- Franklin P. Jones

Describe yourself in three words: nerdy ,spontaneous, reclusive.

Why would you like to join this community? Because Alee told me to and I listened

Say something nice about your mods. :D..

[info]lizzmasta: Well, shes freinds with Alee, so she's obviously cool
[info]true_pineapple: Alee is awes

What's your opinion on..

Pick one of the following issues, and state your opinion on it.

_ Racism/Homophobia.
It's dumb. People should just learn to accept others and realize that life is not always going to cater to their petty little needs.

This or That
(You must choose ONLY one. You cannot say 'none' or 'both'.)

Drake & Josh or The Fairly Oddparents: hmm..Drake and Josh
Placebo or Coheed and Cambria: Placebo, easily
Horror or Comedy:Comedy
Taking Back Sunday or Weezer: Weezer
Rainy Day or Sunny Day:Rainy
Modern Rock or Classic Rock: Modern

(No more than 4, please. Kthnx.)

Show you care... PROMOTE!
..still workin on this
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