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Damn I dont know how to do a lj cut! Sorry!

Here's Chrissy and I at homecoming :) Sorry if this pic is really dark.

There's me and theres jen in the background.

Look its some chickens and such!

baby's on fire


01.Name: Holly
02.Age: 15
02.Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
03.Location/Do you like it there?: Maryland/not at all
04.Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Top 4 Favorite Bands:
-The sex PISTOLS
-Jimmy eat world

4 Bands you just can't stand:
-Three doors down

Give us 3 of your favorite songs:
- I’m just a teenage dirt bag~wheatus
- The freshman~verve pipe
- Make me over~ Hole

And 3 songs that make you want to chop your ears off:
-Hollaback girl
-real slim shady
- hot in here

Now, the best album ever made?:
- live through this ~HOLE

Are you in a band/play an instrument?:
Yes~ Bass guitar and guitar
Other Schtuff

Tell us your favorite...
Movie: Chasing Amy
Food: Chinese
TV Show: that 70’s show
C'mon: Give a little???
Actor and Actress: Johnny Depp, Christina ricci
Book: cut
Quote: Fuck me over and pour my heart out…

Describe yourself in three words: LOST,AMUZING, and Witty

Why would you like to join this community? Because it is pretty….. And I want ot be in a community that excepts the fact that I am a different kid….

Say something nice about your mods. :D.. what the hell is that shit???

I ENJOY IT…. USE PERTECTION… guys will be dicks so if they push you to kick them in the head… Enjoy it and love yourself while doing it because if you don’t he OR SHE.. Will not get the full experience and everyone wants to be someone’s BEST LAY… So there is my opinion…. Oh condoms WORK USE UM I LIKE THE COLORED ONES….

Fairly odd parents
Rainy days
Modern rock
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