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People Who Love Johnny Depp's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
People Who Love Johnny Depp

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[27 Jun 2005|07:48pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Mwahahaha i'm just posting here because i can! lmao. i still feel the need to complain about the fact that CaTCF comes out in september in australia! and i dont think i have enough money to take myself to america...well if i did i would have to take rachael and probl stef. and i dont have THAT much money! lmao. anywho everyone who reads this page can stop listning to this ranting :P

ciao bella

Oh wait (dont worry its not ranting / raving)
1. What is yur name? Ana (yay the coolness *sarcasm*)
2. How did you find out about Johnny Depp? As soon as the Potc add came out one of my friends called ella was like: "OMG! Orlando Bloom is uber hot!" and my other fiend (also called ella) said: "OMG Johnny Depp is uber hot x 100!" so yeah, i showed them the add and we passed the johnny love :P
3. What is your favorite movie with him in it? Ummm...i think possibly POTC on account of the fact he is drunk and minces around :D
4. How much do ya like Johnny Depp?Just as much as rachael :P

:O gotsta go, they're giving me CAKE!! mmm

But before i go i shall put a piccy of JD to share the lub:Collapse )

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