faery__x (wasteoftrash) wrote in ___demented,

name: Joanna ( or Jo )
age: 14
sex: Female . le reject
favourite bands: Atreyu, Aiden, Breed 77, Nightwish, InMe, Lacuna Coil..
favourite colour/s: Black, Crimson, Pink, Purple
favourite films: Nightmare Before Christmas, Queen of The Damned, Finding Nemo, Donnie Darko
dress sence: ermf,  plain and simple, band tops and pair of baggy jeans, converses.. or shirt, with a vest top over the top, kinky skirt.. lala, goth boots. yeh. anyway. some other stuff also, corsets and other crapya yaya.
photos of your self:

2 random words: uber, kinky
say something nice about the mods: you are both le cute and sexy. ill support you two forever <3
promote: i will.. somewhere.. one day.. *too much effort atm*

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