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Application --->

name: Tiffany aka IFFY.
age: 15.
sex: of the feminin species.
favourite bands: lacuna coil, the used, evanescence.
favourite colour/s: brite colours. liek // NEON GREEN, YELLOW, DEEP PINK, ORANGE!
favourite films: Thirteen, the Grudge.
dress sence: I like wearing different styles. I don't have a certain one.
photos of your self:
at my b-day;
babehh pics;

2 random words: phillip hiscock. [ feel up his cock ]
say something nice about the mods: They are awesome, and cute. :D
promote: I promoted here; http://www.livejournal.com/users/lil_hyper_rikku/4385.html?view=7457#t7457

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