The Debating Community

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The Debating Community Rules:
1. This community is only governed by one person - ___controversy. This means that ___controversy will only post each week a debatable topic. No one else will post, however people are free to reply to start off the debate.
2. Please, respect everyone's opinion. Everyone is different, everyone has a point of view. Respect, respect, respect.
3. Don't take a debate personally. There's a difference from debating and fighting.
4. No fighting.
5. Refrain from cuss words unless if it can't be refrainable.
6. Remember, no posting in the community - only comments.
7. When debating, make use of backing up yourself with books, etc. A good debate always has concrete detail. Don't just say "God doesn't exist," for example, and not show that - back it up!
8. Updated weekly.