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We are an open-minded community for all people of artistic nature.
Say what you want here and dress how you want without strict rules or punishment. We are for those that appreciate all aspects of art (mainly body modification/ex:clothes,make-up,skin,hair,etc.)

The deaddreams Livejournal was created to bring Deaddream LJ users together,share pictures, and promote

Here at deaddreams, you don't have to be perfect, just be yourself.

*Be Yourself
*Keep intelligence and structure to arguments and critiques
*Keep ALL pictures thumbnailed to 200X200 pixels
*After ne pic, keep the thumbnails under the lj-cut tag
*If you join, it's not required that you post just try to make it a priority.
*Memebers are expected to join our Message Board
25 cent rings, aesthetic humanity, androgny, animals, anime, anorexia, anti-censorship, anti-mainstream, anti-media, anti-mtv, anti-trend, blacklights, body modification, bondage clothing, boots, boys in make-up, candy, chains, chatting, christian, cinnamon, clothing, clothing modification, club kids, clubbing, collars, corsets, cosplay, cotton candy, cowboy hats, creativity, cross-dressing, cuteness, cynical humor, dancing, dark-pop, darkwave, deaddreams, deaddreams community, deaddreams message board, dominance, drag, drawn-on-eyebrows, dreads, eletro-clash, excessive bracelets, excessive make-up, extravagent clothing, facial piercings, fake nails, feathers, febreeze, femme boys, fluffy, fruit, fur, gender-bending, getting pierced, girliness, girly boys, girly girls, glam, glam kids, glamour, glitter, glitter eyeshadow, glittery clothes, good sense of humor, goth-pop, green eyes, hampsters, hats, honesty, http://b33.ezboard.com/bleeding, industrial music, ivader zim, j-rock, kittens, lack of eyebrows, latex, leather, long hair, long nails, long nails glittery hair, lucifist, mac eyeshadow, make-up, message boards, modification, mohawks, morman, nail polish, neon clothing, neon green, neopets, noise, noize, obsession, oi punk, online communties, openmindedness, painted nails, party monster, pegan, pigtails, pimp hats, pop-tarts, pretty boys, pretty girls, punk, rain, rainbow colours, riding chickens, rings, rpg, satanic hampsters, satanist, scarification, sewing, short people, snow, sparkles, sparkly, stockings, straps, street lamps, street lights, strobelights, synth falls, synth-pop, synthetic hair, the colour blue, the colour pink, the taste of lipstick, thongs, thrift stores, tights, trannys, trash-pop, uncommonly large spiked hair, unusually skinny people, unusually tall people, vanilla coke, vanilla pepsi, vanity, velvet goldmine, white/pale skin, wicca, yarn hair, yoohoo