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___deadcows's Journal

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hitchhiker Fans
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Howdy folks! This is a fan community for the Hitchhiker from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie!
It seems like a lot of people who've seen TCM like the hitchhiker, but I've yet to find a website or community dedicated to him. I suck at web design, so I made this community to provide a place for discussion and whatnot.

The R00lz are as follows:
1) The typical lj posting rules--you know the drill. Long and/or "objectionable content" stuff goes under an lj cut, no harassing people, etc.
2) To join, you have to like the character of the Hitchhiker at least a tiny bit. That means no joining if you hate the character, or if you like Ed Neal but not the character from TCM, and blah blah blah (this rule should be rather obvious.) That's why it's a FAN COMMUNITY.
3) For Pete's Sake, keep the posts on topic! You want to talk about Leatherface action figures? Find another community. You want to talk about Ed Neal? Find a fan community for the actor. You want to talk about a sci-fi book that has nothing to do with this community? I seriously wonder how you got here. NOTE: the on-topic rule will be very lenient until this community has enough activity.
4) No flame wars/bitching at each other/general verbal nastiness. It's just plain aggravating for everyone.