I've gone inactive in all the communities I'm in, not just the rating communities; there's no help for it, as Real Life just won't settle down for me. I'm taking that as my cue.... it's time for me to withdraw from all the lovely rating communities I've been honoured to be a part of. You've all enriched my life and made me smile; thank you for your acceptance and your friendship. When and if my life settles down again, I'll re-apply or return, whichever the community rules state for this particular community. Thank you all, again, for all the wonderful times..... but I just don't have the time to be active much online anymore. Good luck to everyone; I wish you all only the best.
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hey! i wasn't necessarily going to apply here, but i was going to get all of you hotties to participate in a little rating thing i'm doing!! I'm using this to assemble a new group, and i figured you guys would be the best to help me judge for the officers!

it'll only take a second, and you don't have to do it if you don't want to. but i would love if you guys would help me out!

put these pictures of these cuties in the order from which one you think is the hottest to the least--- the pictures are numbered-- respond to this with numbers (and comments if you want! comments would be GREAT!) so put the number of the pictures from your choices of hottest to least

pixCollapse )

so when you respond put: example: 4, 3, 5, 1, 2.... ya know??

ok!! Thank you guys SO MUCH, you guys are WONDERFUL! stay hot!!


Everyone please spread the word! There's an LJ community set up specifically for folks in London trying to get in touch with one another after the bombing. You can find the community at london_070705. Even if you're not in England, please PLEASE spread the word - post this to your own LJ, so word spreads and families and friends can breathe a little easier.


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hey guys, it's great to finally see some new faces in here. we still need more members to be able to really vote, though. try to get lj friends you think would be interested in applying to join; promote in your journal if you wish. if you are in other communities that allow promoting, you can promote there too, as well as communities made strictly for promoting. if you are unsure of how to go about this, or if you want to see/use the promotional image, click here.Collapse )


1. name: Angela (I answer as easily to Mae, though, as I've had this name on the internet for well over a decade)

2. age: 40

3. gender: Female

4. blurb about yourself (optional): I'm a housewife, mother and grandmother; I do peer support counseling, volunteer for two separate crisis intervention hotlines (rape/domestic violence and suicide), and work for America Online (yes, I've heard many things about them in general and my job in particular ;)) as senior manager of the Instant Cafe, in the Amazing Instant Novelist area. I enjoy reading (fair warning, I am a massive bookworm), writing (mostly short stories and drabbles, although longer stories/novellas/novels aren't out of the question), singing, playing online games (Gaia, pet sites, Adventure Quest, Runescape, etc), and playing PC/console games. I'm also a fairly decent icon maker, and enjoy making and manipulating electronic graphics, as well as drawing.

5. promote and you’ll get brownie points: I can do so in my own journal, but at the present time, most of the communities I'm in have a "no promo" rule.

6. post at LEAST three clear pictures of yourself: Peek behind the cut...Collapse )
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