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Japanesque Rock // Visual Styling Magazine
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Welcome to the 'Cure' community on Lj. It has gotten to be an awesome magazine! With information about new // indie bands. Not only music but japanese clothing ++ makeup tips. Making new fans everywhere

[selling, scans, pictures, graphics, disscussions, mp3s..any media that have something to DO with CURE. are highly permitted. ]


for ALL:: a directory (memories) are being used so make sure to check here. Also, I will be very strict on advertisements. Please no RPs. Graphics/Band communities FROM CURE, may be posted

for scans:: if a thumbnail less then 300x400 you may have it out of a LJ cut. they could be only from cure if any other ones go to jrock_scans. please make sure to include the issue # for each scan. AND i wanna see those trading cards!::

for icons/graphics/pictures:: icons, you can show 4 out of LJ cut. Always make sure to comment/credit if maker insists. Graphics, cannot exceed 200x300 out of LJ cut. Pictures of artists found in CURE are ok::

mp3:: yes, you can request and post here. even though they're are other major mp3 communities. jrock_uploads jcrack. sometimes it's hard to get the music from the bands in this magazine. request per week.

discussions:: about the article, fashion. please no RAGE. kindness. please make sure a question or subject has not been already posted. NO rants or complaints about Jpop house or ANYTHING

::memories will be posted for scaned issues and others::




save to your own server

wanna make banners[x]
have a community[x]
have your link[x]

email_ xjrok_fanx@hotmail.com :: aim_ xsusuu
creator/moderator :: kuragarigenso


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