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I'm looking for those magazines:
KERA 157
and all everything connected with PaRADEiS, v[NEU], Aicle, Megamasso, Zoro, Himeyuri, Juliette and Dhalis. Thank you! ♪

Selling cure and lots more

Hi fellow Cure readers,

I'm selling:
Cure vol. 37 october 2006 feat Phantasmagoria, KuRt, bis, goz vii, kazoku, DPS, SADIE, babylon, NOIZ, an cafe, codomoA, RENTRER EN SOI, gurugurueigakan, irokui, luvie, 12012 in california, scuver dive, siva, aile, 176biz, ghost, replia, metis gretel, juliadoll, unsraw, rara, gyackmen, madara, karakuri etc. Good condition. 8 euro.
Cure vol. 67 april 2008 feat Moran, ゾロ, KAMIJO, ジュリエット,イロクイ。, 176BIZ, KISAKI, NightingeiL, メガマス, CELLT, DELUHI, ClearVeil, born, R指定, Fake Cradle, ALiBi, E’m~grief~, Wizard, ドレミ團,ダウト,DaizyStripper,Panic☆ch, Dali etc. Perfect condition. 8 euro.
Cure vol. 77 February 2010 feat Sadie, BORN, アンティック-珈琲店-, BugLug, HANGRY & ANGRY, HANGRY & ANGRY live in USA, Hi:BRiD, WHITEBLACK, UNDER CODE PRODUCTIONS, 平成維新, Arc, vistlip, MaitoreiA, R指定, Ap(r)il, exist trace, シンディケイト, Virgil, girugamesh, Dog in the PWO, Paradeis, With Sexy (NightingeiL) カイエ, Alibi, etc. Perfect condition. 13 euro.

other magazines, such as SHOXX, Fool's Mate, Mad Tea Party, as well as rare old magazines here:

and in general lots and lots of CDs, goods etc. on my selling journal (http://shinjuka-sales.livejournal.com/)

thanks and sorry if you see it x-posted :)
ぴんぴん ⇒ Pink.

ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ Selling:

Hello! (*´ω`*)
Sales Post again! Want to sell these desperately. Prices have been reduced!
I will take reasonable offers, feel free to negotiate via comment or PM.

Shipping + Information :
☆ UK seller, my prices are either in GBP or JPY and not EUR or USD
☆ I ship internationally! I will calculate your total - I usually deduct the total.
☆ Lost items will not be refunded~ if you want secured mail please ask!
☆ I will do trades of equal value, especially for flyers, or cheki.

Newly Added : http://kazukeii.livejournal.com/74075.html
♪ Serial Number Single
♪ Many more cheki!
♪ 12012 Postcards!
♪ Magazines: EGG, Nuts + Ageha // SHOXX + CURE + PATiPATi
♪ AREA Magazine + LOTS of old and recent V!NYL syndicate!
FREEBIES - you just pay the shipping + fee! (*´σー`)

Many Posters FT: An Cafe, ZORO, Toon Factory, MUCC, Ryuutaro, ViViD
Please find it all: here!

I also have HUNDREDS of fliers to get rid of!!
They can be located here
Lucky Grab Pack!! (≧∇≦)
I will randomly select 30 or more fliers for £3 (+ shipping)

Alternatively, I have listed single fliers which are for sale!
(£2 shipping for an unlimited amount of fliers!) (´・ω・`)

Flyers: AYABIE, Alice Nine, the Riotts, ROYZ, TU[ISM], Ziggrat, Virgil, v-last., Satsuki, Lolita 23Q, and many more!



I will leave Germany next Wednesday, so tomorrow is the last chance to ship items!
Pay now and your items will be shipped tomorrow :D



♥ shipping from Germany!
Payment in €
German buyers: bank transfer (prefered), paypal
International buyers: paypal only [Required 4
,5% + 0,35€ service fee]
♥ I am not responsible for lossed or damaged items

500 g   -  3,50€
1000g -   5,50€
2000g - 11,00€

x-posted, sorry >.<"

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betsey johnson

CURE 2004.05 issue for sale


i'm selling a backissue of cure, vol. 2004.05. the magazine is in good condition, especially given its age. the cover artist is shulla with 24 pages of interview and photoshoots. other featured artists are gazette, devilkitty, kisaki project, vidoll, sugar forkfull and more. there's a shulla poster included but it's the most worn part of the magazine, since it was hung up for a while. there's a picture of a kitten that doesn't come with the magazine but is cute nonetheless. details and sale psychedelishop. thank you~

multiple piggies

Selling CURE magazines and other things!

I am selling my collection of CURE magazines for $5 EACH + Shipping.

VOL. 17 - NOIZ on front cover. Also features kagerou, kisaki from phantasmagoria, and jui from vidoll.
VOL. 35 - Ayabie on front cover. Also features balzac, rentrer en soi, and phantasmagoria.
VOL. 40 - Ayabie on front cover. Also features vidoll, jealkb, rentrer en soi.
VOL. 41 - Sadie on front cover. Also features Megamasso, SCREW, Babylon, Sugar.
VOL. 48 - Girugamesh on front cover. Also features Versailles, Heidi., and Guy's Family.
VOL. 77 - Sadie on front cover. Also features Antic Cafe and Hangry and Angry.

Please take a look at these and more over at my journal.