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Crestfallen's Graphix

Lindsay's graphics
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This isn't really a community...it's just a place for me to post all of my graphics, but if you really want to join and use my graphics you can submit a request to join.

Rules [if you want to join]

[1] don't be disrespectful
[2] always comment to say what you're taking
[3] always!!! credit 'Crestfallen1103'
[4] do not customize or change anything
[5] never claim my work as your own
[6] do not distribute//share

if you dont follow these, ill have to remove you

bases_party [deedee26]
100x100_brushes [sheld0n]
icon_textures [discordandnight;;gender]
icon_extras [rough_draft__, sayra90]
___baseline [iconsbydelayne;;quiettype;;kendra_09]
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