hey everyone .. in the previous entry i mentioned that i may make a new community? well its finished and ready to be put into action. the name of the community is __crazycutiezZ if you are already a member of this community than you will automaticly be accepted.. if not than apply, and first 5 are auto accept. (if ur part of this community please write C_C member in the subject so i know ur from this community!

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♥ Emmy

ps. the other mod is mandi!! and theres no co-mod.. were both the mods ;o)

new community

hello cutiez.. i have an idea of making another crazie cutiez community.. probly something like __crazycutiez_2 or something like that, because i have no idea where our mod's been (hope everythings allrite) and no1 has been active, where as in this community they would be. all of you ofcorse will be accepted in. and mandi [xromanticmrdrx]+ myself would be mods.. how does that sound?? comment with suggestions or comments or w/e
♥ emmy


Hey y'all. We so need to promote. What happened to the mod? She vanished. Haven't heard anything from her in a long while. If nothing happens with this community in awhile, I'm just going to leave. Sorry, but I'm bored.

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w0w this community is like dying.. i think we should do something like theemes every week. everyone??Mod's?? whacha think??
::just a thought::

♥ always
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