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Word of the Day

Pronunciation: 'fA(&)l
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English failen, from Old French faillir, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin fallire, alteration of Latin fallere to deceive, disappoint
intransitive senses
1 a : to lose strength : WEAKEN b : to fade or die away c : to stop functioning
2 a : to fall short b : to be or become absent or inadequate c : to be unsuccessful (as in passing an examination) d : to become bankrupt or insolvent
transitive senses
1 a : to disappoint the expectations or trust of b : to miss performing an expected service or function for
2 : to be deficient in : LACK
3 : to leave undone : NEGLECT
4 a : to be unsuccessful in passing (as a test) b : to grade (as a student) as not passing

PS It would be really nice if you guys could do the theme, the scavanger hunt, the question of the week, the word of the day, PROMOTE, or do SOMETHING because this community is going to just die. There's like 10 different ways to get points, and only two people seem to be making an effort.

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